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Wednesday , July 17 2019

Legal Clinic

Overtime during Ramadan

I have a question pertaining to pay during Ramadan. I am an American working for an American company here in Kuwait. We have been told …

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Release from company

Sir/madam, good day to your good office. I resigned from my company last April 1, 2017, and I stated that I will only be working …

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Oral termination

I have been terminated orally but not have received a termination letter neither an offi cial warning prior (oral or written) by my sponsor. Can …

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Medically unfit – Can I apply for dependent visa for my Wife?

I am working in a hospital under the Ministry of Health. I tried family visa for my wife. She was unfit medically. They told me …

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Resigning before 3 yrs of service

I am currently working at a retail center since May 2016. I need to know something. My company required notice period of 3 months when …

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Sick leave days

I need to know if sick leave days 15 days calendar or working days. Name withheld Answer: Sick leave can only be authorized by a …

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Transfer from Dependent visa to Work Visa

My wife has been in Kuwait with me for 5 years now. She has now got a job. With the current rules, is it possible …

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Ground floor tenants to vacate

I am living in the ground floor of a old building in Mangaf. Has there recently been a rule passed that all ground floor tenants …

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Leaving Kuwait for good without cancelling residence

I have been working in Kuwait for the past 8 years. Now I am planning to move to Malaysia since all my family members are …

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Company refusing to give release due to close contact with Shoun

Please I’m sorry for disturbing you again … please reply to my previous question if the company has the right not to release the employee …

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