Tuesday , September 18 2018

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Dependent Visa for Newborn

I want to bring my wife and newborn baby to Kuwait. But my salary is KD 200. Is it possible to get the visas with the same salary … Because my Kuwaiti (sponsor) has promised to get me the visas with same salary. Name withheld Answer: The minimum salary required, …

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Terminated after 6 yrs, Clinic doesn’t want me to transfer residence to other clinic

I am a licensed nurse (both in the Philippines and in Kuwait). I worked in a dental clinic for almost 6 years. Recently, I have been facing problems with the seniors and the owner decided to terminate me. At first, he told me that he will release me on one …

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Driving license – Designation changed from “Driver”

I got my driving license in 2012 with the designation of “driver” but my current designation is ????? . Will I be able to renew my license in 2022 with the same designation ????? or not. Name withheld Answer: Your driving license will not be renewed if the designation on …

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Driving license for designation of Manager

I really appreciate having your advice on driving license rules in Kuwait. I have been offered a manager’s position with a salary of KD 1,900 and have a university degree. I am supposed to come to Kuwait soon but the company isn’t clear on the issue and says the following: …

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“Go and change your shorts as this is not a beach” – Dress code in Govt offices

I am an Indian and visited the Abbassiya telephone exchange on Oct 3, 2016 at around 11:00 am, to pay my phone bill, wearing shorts (covering up to the knee) and a T-shirt with color and half sleeve. As soon as I entered the premises one of the three men …

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Weekends and public holidays deductions

In the month of September 2016, I went to India after taking 3 days paid leave (Sept 6 to 8) which was approved by the manager. I resumed duty on Sept 15, 2016 due to the following reasons. Sept 9 (Friday holiday); Sept 10 (half day working in the company); …

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Came on Visit Visa and New Passport issued in Kuwait

I have a question regarding visit visa and new passport. My son came to Kuwait in August on a family visit visa, which is valid for 3 months, but now he is getting a job in a company, which will provide him a work visa. His passport is valid until …

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Locally hired – Management refused my resignation, not willing to give release

I joined the company as a local hire. The Shoon (Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor) released the visa almost 3 years ago. I resigned in July and will finish my 3 months notice on Oct 12. But until now the management doesn’t want to accept my resignation. They told …

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What to do when labor court gives decision in your favor an the company still doesn’t settle your indemnity

My previous company did not pay my indemnity, so I approached the Labor Court and won the case. The company has to pay all the money. The company still has not paid the amount. It is now 4 months. The reason told to me is that the person in charge …

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Annual leave calculation – Weekends are not to be counted in calculation

Related to this topic and further to your statement in one of the previous related posts, you stated that a worker has a right to 30 working days annual leave. Can you direct me to an official legal document to support that claim, because Article 70 of The Labor Law …

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