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Tuesday , November 20 2018

Legal Clinic

Terminated from job

I am an Indian & joined a company in Kuwait on employment visa from 28th April 2018 & since then I am working. Now I got termination letter from my employer as on Sept 1, 2018 with a notice period of 3 months stating that the last working day would …

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Can an Accountant get NOC to obtain a driving license?

I am working as an accountant in a company for the last one and half years. My salary is KD 500 and designation is accountant in my work permit. Am I eligible for taking driving licence? Is KD 600 salary bar is applicable to accountant also? Name withheld Answer: As …

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Need to amend Law No. 68/2015 to protect household workers

The Domestic Labor Law failed to protect the rights of domestic workers despite the fact that this is the latest law issued to regulate household workers’ rights and obligations. The law has no stipulation on a lot of domestic workers’ rights. It does not stipulate penalties in case of criminal …

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Cancelling wife’s dependent visa – Wife outside Kuwait

I want to cancel my wife’s family visa (22) but she’s in India and she can’t travel here because of medical reasons. Can I cancel her visa without she being here? I have her original Civil ID. Name withheld Answer: To be able to cancel your wife’s family visa, you …

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Extending of Parents visit visa

My mother came on visit visa on Sept 6, 2018 and validity in only one month. I want to extend my mother’s visa for 1 week effective from Oct 6, 2018. Could you please advise whether 1 week extension is possible or not. Also advise any other alternative solution. Name …

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Salary cap under new visit visa rule

This is to get an information regarding the new rule for visit visa. I would like to know what is the minimum salary required for taking visit visa for my family. I am cashier working with 210 basic salary. Name withheld Answer: To take a visit visa for your immediate …

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Company resignation and visa transfer back to dependent

I came to Kuwait on family visa. After that I got job and that company changed my visa to 18 but now I want to resign and change again to family visa. Is this possible? Name withheld Answer: Yes, you can resign and revert to your original family visa. You …

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New visit visa rule – Parents stay in Kuwait

This is with reference to the new rule on visit visa. I got visit visa for my mother on July 19th (valid for 3 months) and she arrived to Kuwait on 4th of August just before one day of new rule. Accordingly, is she permitted to stay for three months …

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Diploma holder & 19 years experience as Engineer – Can I renew my visa under same position?

I am a diploma holder, visa status — engineer, 19 years working in Kuwait as QA QC engineer. My visa renewal is on Jan 7, 2019. Is it possible to renew as same position? I have driving licence till 2022. My current salary is KD 650. Name withheld Answer: Under …

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Dependent Traveling outside Kuwait

I am on dependent visa here in Kuwait as my husband is the one working here and sponsored me to come over. Is it possible for me to travel outside Kuwait for example to Dubai, UK or US without him? I want to confirm the rumors I heard that its …

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