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Tuesday , August 20 2019

Legal Clinic

What should I do to get my final settlement / Indemnity?

I am a qualified Bachelor of Administration as a Secretary. From October 2011 to January 2019, I worked for a well known construction company in …

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Transferring visa to Private sector

I came to Kuwait 2014 on project visa. After 3 years the company changed my visa to his main file. I want to know if …

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Leaving job during probation period

I would like your advise on my situation. I recently joined a company but I don’t want to continue working here. I don’t have any …

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Application for driving license rejected

I went yesterday to Ahmadi Traffic department office for applying licence but my application got rejected by the Kuwaiti officer. He said you are not …

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Finding Kuwaiti father of a child

Hello. I have read several of your questions and haven’t seen my issue arise. Please help me. I am desperate. My name is Alia Abdullah. …

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Bringing Mother on short visit

My monthly salary is KD400. Can I bring my mother for a short visit to Kuwait? Please advise. Name withheld Answer: Unfortunately no, you can’t …

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Got good opportunity in UAE – Formalities of resignation and cancellation of residence

My old employment contract ended on Feb 28, 2019 & file closed. My employment started under new employment contract with same employer in the month …

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Declared unfit in medicals

My wife came to Kuwait she didn’t have any problems with her medical but MoH declared that she has Hepatetis C virus and declared her …

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Contract renewal issue for a teacher

I am in shock and feeling very upset at my company’s treatment. I have a similar question to one you answered recently and would appreciate …

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Transferring of small business company visa

I have completed 3 yrs but cannot transfer to another company. They are saying I worked with small business company so cannot transfer to a …

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