Saturday , September 22 2018

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Transfer of Project Visa to Private visa

This is to inform you that my visa is 18 transferable visa. I got release from my current company. But now I got a good offer from another company. The company visa is project visa. My question is after transfer to project visa again for me possible to transfer to …

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Hajj visa for visit visa holder in Kuwait

I am an expat from India working in Kuwait with a salary more than KD 800. My sister (aged 53) lives in India. Both our hajj visas have been stamped from India. Now I would like to call her on visit visa to Kuwait and then leave for haj from …

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Booked by Ministry of Interior for watching porn sites

I was surfing through my internet, and happened to get a porn site on the internet by which I started checking out and found it interesting, but not knowing it’s been monitored by MoI, and that I had received a notification, while I was checking for any fines or penalties …

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Filipino citizen has not been given off day nor public holiday for past one year

I am a Filipino citizen, I have been working in Kuwait for 5 years now. I want to share my problem and I hope you can give me advice. I worked four years in one company as a salesman and after that I left the company which gave me a …

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Automatic cancellation of visa after 6 mnts stay outside Kuwait

I went for vacation last Jan 20th. Because of some family issues I was not able to return to Kuwait. My visa is supposed to expire in June 2019. Now I am in India. My visa was cancelled automatically after 6 months from my exit date. Can I get new …

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3 months contract visa – can I transfer my visa?

I got a job with a company in Kuwait, mobilized from Nigeria and after 3 months they told me the contracts had completed. My condition was an open contract. The company gave us 3 months notice which I completed. Now I got another job after serving a notice period. Can …

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Does Maternity leave include Friday also?

I just want to inquire about the policy of maternity leave. I have been working with a company for 5 years and my maternity leave started from 20th March 2018 and ended on 21st May 2018. My current salary is KD 500; as per information I received from my HR …

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Hiring maid of same nationality as of sponsor

My wife and myself are working here in Kuwait as nurses with a salary of more than KD 1,000 each. There is a kadama here working under a Kuwaiti sponsorship and will finish her contract by October. Her employer is amenable of giving her release papers once she finished her …

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Am I eligible for a driving licence?

I want to know if I am eligible for a driving licence? My details are as follows. 1. Salary on the work permit is KD 600. 2. I am a post graduate in commerce and my degree certificate is attested and translated. 3. I am a resident since March 2016 …

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Company is telling to say ” Indemnity Received” during cancellation at the Immigration Department

I have worked in a company for 5-1/2 years. The company terminated me giving three months notice period and I served all the three months. Now, I would like to cancel my residence and move to another country. The company is saying it will settle my indemnity after I cancel …

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