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Wednesday , November 14 2018

Legal Clinic

Driving License change from Housewife to a Teacher

I got my driving license as a house wife in December 2011 for ten years. I am going to change my residency to teacher soon. Will this affect my license as I have seen in your previous answers that licenses issued before April 2013 are not affected. If my license …

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Kuwait Labor Law applicable as mentioned in Kuwait contract

Everyday I read your Legal Clinic … thanks for providing such great legal advice. I was hired in India by ABC company for their Indian division (in August 2013). Then the ABC company got a project from a government company here in Kuwait of 4 years duration. I was asked …

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Residence for baby delivered in Kuwait – Salary below KD 450

I am working for a private sector company. My salary is KD 350. My wife is on my dependent visa. We are expecting a baby in December to be delivered here in Kuwait. What rules will apply for my baby to get residence. I am worried if the new KD …

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Renewal of residence of Children

I am seeking legal advise regarding the renewal of residence for dependent visa. There is a new law now that dependent visa should be based on KD 450 salary. How about those who had already had the visa before the announcement of the decision. Currently my salary is KD 320 …

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Queries on driving license

I am a mechanical supervisor who is completing his second year in Kuwait. I was working for another sponsor for the first year and then I transferred to the current sponsor and completed one year with him. I have a salary of KD 600 … will I be able to …

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Transfer from Fathers residence to Husband – But Husbands salary is below 450

I would like to begin this query by thanking you for the legal consultations that you are providing. This blog is very informative and helpful. Now coming to my query. I am an Indian with Article No. 22. I am under my father’s sponsorship and my family and myself have …

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Wife seeking visit visa for Husband and Daughter

My salary is KD 250. Is it possible to get visit visas for my husband and baby? My baby was born in Kuwait. She was on my husband’s sponsorship when they were in Kuwait but due to some companies problems my husband cancelled his residence and went back to our …

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Designation issue – Will i have problems for visa on arrival to GCC countries?

I have been employed by a company as a Senior Manager. After the probation period, the company had initiated the transfer process for my residence from my previous employer. However, the new company informed me that they will not be able to provide me a “Manager” designation in the residence …

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Pakistani national could not return to Kuwait – What will happen to my Bank accounts

I am Pakistani and was on vacations back home, but unfortunately I got sick and was not able to return within the 6 months period and my visa got cancelled in September 2015. My sponsor is trying to get a visa for me, but couldn’t get it for restrictions on …

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Old water tanks with unsafe drinking water

I want some information on increase in house rents in Kuwait. We are staying in Salwa in a mulhaq, the building is around 20-25 years old. We started staying in that mulhaq on July 1, 2006 when the house rent was KD 100. The building belongs to a real estate …

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