Monday , October 23 2017

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Visa for Bangladeshi

I am from Bangladesh and I am working in a very big local group as a purchasing assistant …my salary is KD 361. Can I get a family visa for my wife and if “yes” can you detail the procedure to process the application. Name withheld Answer: Unfortunately, new visas …

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Transferring visa from Private Sector Project to Government Project

I came to Kuwait (in 1998) on a MEW project visa and after that I changed many companies but remained on the same project visa. Last year, however, I changed my company (from a government project to the private sector — industrial) Now I have again got a better offer …

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Kuwaiti laws regarding the immigration, labor and the country’s penal code

I am doing research on Kuwaiti laws regarding the immigration, labor and the country’s penal code. In this regard, I am wondering where I can get books or sources on those issues or are there some links. Name withheld Answer: It’s very easy these days to get any information, especially …

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Overtime for Managers & Workers

Under the Kuwait Labor Law, is management eligible for overtime? I work for a company that does not pay managers overtime and the question has come up several times. So, what does the Labor Law say on the issue? Name withheld Answer: The Kuwait Labor Law does not differentiate between …

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Name is incorrect in New Civil ID

In my old Civil ID my name in both Arabic and English is correct. I recently got my new civil ID in which my name in Arabic is correct but in English it is incorrect (it is according to the Arabic pronunciation). On my driving license my name is according …

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Final settlement with leave balance

First of all, thanks for all the valuable advice — according to the Kuwait Labor Law — that you have been providing to the readers of the Arab Times. 1) I would like to know which of my allowances will be included in the calculation of my indemnity … the …

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Visa for wife – Pakistani national

I am a Pakistani and in the government sector in Kuwait. Can I get a family visa for my wife. Due to some restrictions it’s very difficult to manage family matters in the country. What can be done by me to get the family visa? Name withheld Answer: According to …

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