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Women not allowed to be sponsored by Father once married.

My wife is currently staying in Kuwait on her dad’s residence. Now she is pregnant and I want to transfer her residence to my sponsorship… is it possible with a KD 300 salary on the work permit. Also what about my baby’s residence after the birth. Name withheld Answer: You …

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Will I face problems for newborn dependent visa?

I would like to clarify my doubts regarding the new law on dependent visa. My wife is pregnant and planning to deliver in Kuwait in April, 2017. I brought my wife and daughter to Kuwait dependent visas and later transferred wife’s residence to Article 18. She is working now. And …

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Staying out of country more then 6 months

I have certain queries … could you guide me: 1. My wife and 2-year-old daughter are my dependents on visa Article 22. My wife is 3 months pregnant and doctors have suggested that she take complete bed rest until delivery. 2. She left Kuwait on 29th October -2016 and her …

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Nurse job contract of 2 yrs but forced to sign 5 years term contract in Kuwait

I am a nurse hired abroad in December 2013 and we were told that we have a 2-year contract, but after a few months here in Kuwait we were forced to sign a 5-year contract with the clinic, and there is a note that says “5 year fixed term contract, …

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Renewal of baby’s residence – Salary cap below 450 KD

1. My salary is KD 250. In May I need to renew my baby’s visa. She was born in Kuwait. Will we be able to renew her residence. 2. My wife was working in Kuwait University from Feb 2011 to 2016 March. After that she resigned and joined some other …

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Acquiring new driving license criteria

I have a query on the eligibility criteria for applying for a driving license. My work permit states salary as KD 506 and my designation “accountant.” Am I eligible to apply for a driving license or does the salary need to be KD 600? Kindly guide please. Name withheld Answer: …

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Indemnity calculation is based on remuneration received

I was terminated and the company HR told me that the indemnity was to be based on my basic salary only. My basic salary was KD 1441 and I was entitled to get up to KD 500 as a house rent allowance but company paid KD 450 as I produced …

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Pakistani national visa for wife and kids

I’m a Pakistani nationality holder working in Kuwait from October 2003, my salary is KD 540 and job designation Civil Site supervisor for the last three years. Is it possible for me to apply for a visit visa for my wife and kids? Name withheld Answer: You are entitled to …

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Annual leave during resignation notice period

I’ve been working with my employer for 1 year now and I decided to resign. I want to know, if I can still take my paid annual leave within the 3 months notice period upon my resignation? My 3 months notice period will finish in May but I want to …

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Degree/visa problem

I am an accountant having a Bachelor of Commerce degree from an Indian university and my profession on the work is Accountant. Based on my profession I was granted a driving license on Feb 1, 2012. Now while transferring my visa to another project the mandoob (company representative) says MOSAL …

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