Monday , January 22 2018

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Jailed by mistake – Compensation for wrongful conviction

I need an answer to my problem. Police arrested me from my office saying that as there was a case against me I had to go with them. Then they took to jail and told me that a court had sentenced me to 5 years imprisonment and after the jail …

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Visit visa for Pakistani nationals

I am a Pakistani doctor (urologist) and have been working in Kuwait for 1 year. I applied for my family visa through “wakeel vazara”. Luckily it was approved on the 1st attempt as people were telling me that such visas are difficult to get for Pakistanis. Now the problem is …

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Sexual harassment

What is the process to report sexual harassment? Will there be an English speaking lady police officer available at the police station to take the complaint? Once a report has been filed at the police station what exactly happens to the suspect and the victim? How will the investigation and …

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I cannot serve 90 days notice period, I am ready to compensate

I have been working in a private sector company in Kuwait for the last 1.5 years. Recently I got an opportunity to join a new company but they needed me to join them ASAP. Hence I cannot serve the 90 days notice period. I can only serve only 70 days …

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Woman is entitled to the 70 days maternity leave

I just want to inquire about the policy of maternity leave…If a new employee (who joined the company 6 months ago only) gets pregnant, is she entitled to 70 days maternity leave? Name withheld Answer: The Kuwait Labor Law does not lay down any period, after joining a company, for …

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Indemnity Calculation after resigning

Thank you very much for all the helpful replies and I have been a regular reader of legal clinic. Now I have not able to clear my doubts on indemnity, and I need your helping in solving my problem. I’m working in a company, have completed 7 years, and have …

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Dependent visa for 3 yr old son

I am an Indian woman working in the Ministry of Health, Kuwait (Residence Article 17). My salary is KD 735 but currently my 3-year-old son is in my home country. My husband is also working in Kuwait (Residence Article 18) but his salary is less than KD 250. I want …

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Converting of Visit Visa to Dependent Visa

My wife’s dependent visa application has been rejected and I have been issued a visit visa for 3 months. The reason is the 1 month less validity of the Passport (it is valid for 23 months) and we approached passport office in India to renew the document but the office …

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