Monday , October 15 2018

Legal Clinic

Documents needed to renew driving license

Dear Sir, I seek your advice concerning the requirements needed nowadays to renew driving licences. I am working for a private company since 1994 as an Accountant (Accounts Manager) with basic salary of KD 650. This profession and salary are mentioned in my work permit. May I know what other …

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Indemnity calculation for Outsourced company

I am working for an exchange firm … outsourced from an HR company past five and half years. I resigned from there. I am getting KD 579 as last salary. 21 days leave days are balance. How much indemnity I have the right to get? Name withheld Answer: Your indemnity …

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Visit visa for Brother-in-law

Dear Sir, can I get visit visa for my brother-in-law (wife’s brother) and his wife for a short visit in Kuwait? Kindly advise. Name withheld Answer: Yes, you can if you earn a monthly salary of KD 300 or above. It is worth adding that in a bid to curtail …

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Validity of Driving Licence – Came back to Kuwait on New Visa

I got a driving licence in 1996. My licence expired on April 6, 2017. Now I am on a new visa (18) and the profession mentioned is ‘Labourer’. My old profession was Spare Parts Incharge. I just arrived one month ago on the new visa. I heard that under new …

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Company not accepting resignation, passport with company

I am working as an engineer for a company for the past seven years in Kuwait. My visa is company visa only. Now I got an opening with very good salary in another company. My company is not accepting my resignation. My passport is with the company. I don’t know …

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Applying for dependent visa

Good day.. I need a further assist about this. I’m going to visit my husband by using visit visa and will be back in my hometown before the time limit. But the question is, Is there any period that I need to wait getting another visa? Is it true that …

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Indemnity not received

I am a one regular reader of Legal Clinic in Arab Times. It is an excellent job you are doing. Thank you for that. I have two important queries. 1. I am a qualified B.Tech Civil Engineer. From August 2013 to December 2016, I worked for well known EPC contractor …

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Medicals issue TB

Hello sir, I have recently sent a visit visa for my wife and one-year old son. Sadly my son got TB. Now he is under six months treatment course. My doubt is if he comes to Kuwait can he bring his medicine along without problem? We don’t want him to …

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Visit visa for Daughter – Name difference

I will soon be working in a private sector company at the end of this month. I want to confirm something regarding visit visa. I want to get one for my daughter. 1st my salary is 250 that’s basic not including the incentives commission. 2nd my daughter is using her …

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Increment in Salary

I am an engineer working in Kuwait since 3rd March 2015. I am working for KNPC through subcontract to another Kuwait-based company. My selection was done by KNPC and as per contract I am entitled for annual increment as per my job performance rating. Hence as per my understanding I …

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