Tuesday , February 20 2018

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Dependent Visa ( Renewal & New Applicants) for Salary below 450 KD

My visa will be changed in December and the work permit shows a basic salary of 250. Actually I am an engineer but in the work permit they won’t show it. Can I apply for a dependent visa for my wife and child? My engineering degree certificate has already been …

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Visit visa for Family members & Parents

I am staying in Kuwait for last 13 years along with my family. My brother (blood relation) would like to visit us along with his family in December. I fulfill all other criteria to get the visa. Can my brother’s family also can get visit visas? Name withheld Answer: Yes, …

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Accident case – My lawyer doesnt respond to my calls

I am an Indian working in Kuwait. On May 26, 2012, I was involved in an accident in Mahboula, on the seaside road, opposite to the Mareena Tower. A KPTC bus hit me while I was riding my bicycle on the way to Fintas. I had an operation and the …

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Company File closed due to Visa Trading – What is the Solution for Renewal of Residency

What is the solution for renewal of the residency “if the company file is closed under Code 71” Your opinion will be very beneficial for our whole family. Name withheld Answer: Code 71 is tied to visa trading and if a company’s file is closed because of this reason then …

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Allowances ( Food, Housing + Overtime)

First of all I would like to thank the Arab Times for giving advice via the Legal Clinic. It’s really a great service and very helpful to us expatriates … keep up the good work. You are kindly requested to advise on the following: The company every month pays us …

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Where can I find Old Labor Law?

I shall be thankful if you can help me locate the old Labor Law in the private sector i.e. before the Feb 21, 2010 new law implementation. Tried to search over the Net but failed to get a copy of the same. An early response will be highly appreciated. Name …

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Problems faced by Pakistani School Teachers

I have been working in a Pakistani school in Kuwait for many years. Before the start of the current academic year many teachers were terminated from school because of “excess staff” and their classes were distributed to other teachers. Now, we are not getting any fruitful results from students. Further, …

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Hunting for Job in Kuwait

I was born in Kuwait and spent 23 years there. Now I am in UAE with my child and husband. My husband would like to come to Kuwait on a visa and look for a job in Kuwait. Can you please advise me? Name withheld Answer: You need to approach …

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