Tuesday , September 18 2018

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Visit visa for Daughter – Name difference

I will soon be working in a private sector company at the end of this month. I want to confirm something regarding visit visa. I want to get one for my daughter. 1st my salary is 250 that’s basic not including the incentives commission. 2nd my daughter is using her …

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Increment in Salary

I am an engineer working in Kuwait since 3rd March 2015. I am working for KNPC through subcontract to another Kuwait-based company. My selection was done by KNPC and as per contract I am entitled for annual increment as per my job performance rating. Hence as per my understanding I …

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Obtaining special permission from Director General of Immigration

Please could you advise on the procedure to obtain a special permission from the Director General of Immigration. I need to request if I can sponsor my newborn baby because my husband has some issues with his visa for the timebeing. Should we go and meet him in person or …

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Indemnity for Nurse

I would like to ask about my indemnity. I am a nurse in a private clinic and have been working for 4 years and 9 months. I started working on July 2012 and resigned on Jan 25, 2017 with 3 months notice ending April 25, 2017. I need urgent advice. …

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What to do if Indemnity is paid by the company

Praying that someone gives me a good advice. I am a resigned employee and today May 3, 2017 I had an appointment with my old company to explain to me the indemnity payment that they will be giving to me. However, they asked me to fill up and sign a …

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Indemnity issue with Kuwait University

It would benefit everyone in Kuwait to know that Kuwait University does not pay indemnity after end of service to foreigners. They don’t have the budget for it and anyone thinking of working there should avoid this trap. Name withheld Answer: Our checks have shown that it cannot be entirely …

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Visit visa for family members

I would like to know if I can get visit visa for my unmarried sister (22 years), and also the validity of the visa. How much time can she spend in Kuwait, a month or 3 months. My salary is KD 553. Someone told me that I would require a …

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Salary below 450 KD – Dependent visa for child if wife on dependent visa

I want to ask about dependent visa for my child. My salary is below 450.000. My wife is here with me in Kuwait on dependent visa. Last time I read your post in Legal Clinic is it possible to get dependent visa for child if wife is on dependent visa …

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Water wasted for washing of vehicles

Thank you very much for your kind advices that are helpful for everyone. I would like to seek your advice on a common issue existing in Kuwait. Thousand of litres of clean water wasted everyday on washing vehicles illegally in morning hours by the building caretakers. They are not only …

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Parents of different nationality – Passport issuance for Child

I am a South African male married to a Filipino lady and we just had our second child in Kuwait. When applying for residency they told me that my daughter has to have the same passport as myself which is South African, however with my son (first born) there was …

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