Saturday , December 16 2017

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Murder Case

This question is related to a murder case in which my mother was murdered by a Pakistani man in Kuwait in 2013. After investigation and with my help, CID officers arrested the murderer and the case went to a Kuwait court. I have received information that family members of the …

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Residence & passport for baby

I am an Indian and have done court marriage in Kuwait. My wife is expecting our baby anytime in October. My question is although I have my marriage certificate issued in Kuwait with an English translation, is it necessary for me to get my name printed in my wife’s passport …

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Claim indemnity, Sell Car, Close Bank Account, transfer of House Tel/Electricity – Procedure

My friend, who was working in Kuwait, expired while on vacation in India. His wife, who holds a work visa, has returned to Kuwait. I would like to know what are the documents required and procedure for the following: 1. To claim her husband’s indemnity 2. Sell his car 3. …

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Wife Pregnant need visit visa for my parents

My wife is pregnant and my basic salary is KD 425 … can I get visit visas for my parents on her delivery? Name withheld Answer: Yes, you will be able to get visit visas for your parents as you meet the salary requirement but please remember that you will …

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Will housing allowance included in my Indemnity payment?

I would like you to compute my indemnity. I am planning to finish my work contract in April 2017. I have been working for 18 years in a private company and my basic salary is KD 435 only and I have a housing allowance of KD 50 only. I just …

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House contract issue

I am living in a 2-bedroom apartment. My contract was signed on Nov 1, 2015. My monthly rent is KD 300 but now I want to move to another apartment. I informed the landlord on Sept 3, 2016 that I would vacate this apartment before Sept 25, 2016. I was …

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Payroll calculation

First of all thanks a lot for guiding expatriates with your legal advice service through the Legal Clinic column — I am seeking your clarification for my issue, please help. I am working in the Human Resources Department of my company and have been in charge of payroll process for …

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Driving License – Designation changed from Driver to Technical Assistant

My driving license was issued on Dec 18, 2012 for 10 years with designation “Driver” and salary KD 400. But now my designation in my new company is being changed to Technical Assistant with the salary KD 400. Please advise whether after my designation change my driving license will get …

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Name ‘mismatch’

First of all I would like to thank you to this amazing “Legal Clinic” department for their services, which are very helpful to all of us … and I am a regular reader of the very popular “Arab Times” since 2004. I have a problem which has become very critical …

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