Tuesday , August 21 2018

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Sale of car – Expat left the country

I have a friend of mine who went for good and was not able to sell his SUV (car) as he did not have mush time to do it because he was hospitalized before his flight. The registration will expire in February 2018. He left the car with me. What …

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Transfer from Government project visa to Private sector visa

I am an engineering graduate and came to Kuwait on a government project engineer’s visa. I have completed 3 yrs and want to join a new company that does not have a government project visa and have only private sector visas. What are my options to transfer on to a …

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Sponsoring family visa based on designation

I have been working in Kuwait Airways as an Aircraft mechanic since last 6 months. My 2 kids are Irish national and wife is Pakistani national. My basic salary is KD 380 and along with the all allowances is KD 520. Can I sponsor my family in Kuwait on the …

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Mix up between Compassionate leave and Emergency leave

I have been working in a private company for the past 2 years. In this 2 years I have taken one time annual leave with pay and one month emergency leave (due to wife health problem) without pay (loss of pay and self paid return ticket). Now my company is …

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Car stolen – 8 yrs passed

My car was stolen on June 22, 2009 and I have filed a case in Jleeb police station on the same day and till today, there is no news about it. I have checked with the police station two times and they said they will inform me if they get …

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Want to resign and leave the company – Company says have to complete 2 yrs

I am working in a private sector in Kuwait. It’s been 18 months (3 month notice period not included), now I am resigning due to some personal reason even though I got some job issues I don’t want to mention them because I just want to leave my current company …

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Salary not paid for 3 months should I give 3 months notice of resignation

I am working for construction company for the past 20 years. Unfortunately I have not been paid the last three months salary and I have got a new job. They want me to join immediately. When I submitted the resignation the old company wants me to serve the three months …

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Doesnt meet salary cap – Sponsoring kids on dependent visa although wife is on dependent

I want to know about family visa rules my husband have 350 KD salary. I am in dependent visa. I am here for past 6 years but our kids are in India they are 4 years and 2 years. Soon I will apply for a job. Can we get family …

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Can Doctor leave private clinic before 3 yrs if hired from abroad

I am a doctor in a private clinic and I was hired from India. I have completed one year of service. Kindly clarify if the minimum service period for doctors is one year or three years. Thanking you. Name withheld Answer: Since you were hired from abroad by your current …

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You may only be allowed to quit the job if the sponsor has no objection

I am regularly reading your suggestions and thanks for helping in Laws/Bylaws. This is my first time I am writing requesting for your valuable suggestion. I am working in Shuwaikh Port in Kuwait Free Trade Zone under visa 18 as an engineer (certificate approved), salary 750+KD. Now completed 2 years …

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