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Replacement not found after giving 3 months notice – Does employer still have rights to hold me?

I have this situation. I am working alone in a retail shop for almost 3 years and this is my second employer already. I am holding 18 visa with no problem. Last May, I submitted my resignation letter to my employer and talked to him that I have decided to …

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Contract signed for 2 yrs – Can I get release after 2 yrs

I’m currently working for an exchange company in Kuwait. I have signed a 2 year contract with them I’m at point of almost completing my contract. Can I ask for release from my company after completion of my contract? Please let me know about the laws if I am denied …

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Terminated before 3 yrs of service – Can I transfer

Before, I was working in another company with non-transferable visa. Now my current company provided me a new visa (transferable) and I was hired abroad but due to some reason I faced termination before completing 3 years with current employer. So in this case of termination do I have the …

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Transfer of Factory visa to other company of same sponsor

I have been working in Kuwait for a well reputed construction Company. I had a good opportunity to join a contracting company but when my new company enquired my Visa was Masna (Factory Visa) so I couldn’t tansfer. This is my first company and I was hired from India. My …

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Company has not given probation letter – Can I get release from company

I came to Kuwait on Government Project visa and completed 9 months. Until now I didn’t receive my probation confirmation letter and also even I didn’t sign any official contract letters. Now i got another opportunity on the same governmental project with another company and my present company is saying …

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Visit visa transfer to dependent visa for an infant

Please let me know whether I can convert the visit visa of my daughter (2 months old) into residency after she comes to Kuwait. My salary is KD 300. Name withheld Answer: No, you cannot transfer your daughter’s visit visa to a family visa because your monthly salary of KD …

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Travelling on temporary visa

My company stamped temporary visa (Article 14) since they have some problems in their files and it is valid till Aug 8th, 2017. My family is having valid visa till September. My question is can they travel to India and come back before 8th August? Name withheld Answer: To be …

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Locally hired – Transfer from Project visa to Private visa

I am an engineer on a private company visa, I am getting transferred to another company but on project visa. I would like to know that as I am being locally hired so can I transfer again to any other private company from this project visa. Is there any restriction …

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Resigned from company still not found job – Residence transfer issue

I had resigned from my current company in February 2017 as I had got an offer from another company and had to join there within a month, but my boss didn’t release me and told me to complete my resignation period of 3 months and which I did. Now it …

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Local transfer for those not completed 3 yrs of service – Hired from abroad

I am an engineering graduate and got hired in a private sector organization and completed 2 years of service. I am staying with family now and our company issued a termination notice of 3 months. Designation is updated as electrician on my residence stamp in passport. Question 1: If I …

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