Monday , November 20 2017

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Accommodation for bachelors

I am a regular reader of the Legal Clinic. I want to know the answer to the following questions: 1. Where are the bachelor areas located in Kuwait? 2. Can a bachelor have shared accommodation with another bachelor or a bachelor can share accommodation with a family in a family …

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Transfer of Factory visa to Private company

My sister has been working with a company for the last 3 years and had entered the country on a factory visa. She has now finished her contract and would like to transfer her visa to a private company but with the same sponsor. Please advise if it would be …

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Can expat adopt a child of other expat in Kuwait?

Thank you for all legal advice that you have been providing to the Arab Times readers. I would like to know whether an expat in Kuwait can adopt a child of another expat of the same nationality, or an abandoned child under Kuwait law. If yes, what are the steps …

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Loan Shark Threatening for more payment

I am an expatriate Indian living in Kuwait for the past 12 years. Due to some unfortunate incidents in my life I was forced to borrow KD 1,200 from someone by signing an I.O.U in 2013 and from that day onwards I have been paying KD 110 as interest every …

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Salary below KD 450 – Want to bring wife to Kuwait

Sir my salary is KD 300. Can I bring my wife who is in India? Name withheld Answer: Yes you can get your wife only on Visit Visa and not on dependent visa as law clearly states that for dependent visa your salary should be KD 450 per month Send …

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Hired from abroad for Asst. Manager and given a job of a supervisor in Kuwait in a fast food restaurant

I really need immediate advice. I have been working in a fast food restaurant (private sector) for 6 months. I was hired through an agency in my country. My problems are as follows. 1. When I arrived in Kuwait I signed contract with the company stating my position as assistant …

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Want divorce

I am an Indian living in Kuwait with my wife and son. My wife is a teacher working in a school. My son is on my dependent residence (Article 22) and my wife is on the school’s residence (Article18). We got married in India in 2000. Now we have decided …

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Limit for accumulation of Annual leave

First of all let me thank you for the free legal guidance that you are providing to the expat community. I would like to know what the current Kuwait Labor Law states regarding accumulating Annual leaves. As my family is here in Kuwait, I did not go on Annual leave …

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