Wednesday , February 21 2018

Legal Clinic

Driving License for Salesman

Is it possible to obtain a driving license as my profession is given as fruit seller (salesman). Name withheld Answer: Your profession is only taken into consideration if you are seeking exemption from meeting some or all the requirements needed to be granted a driving license. Your profession will however …

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Licensing the rights to a third party’s Intellectual Property

This past Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018, I had the pleasure of attending the D1 MEET UP, a monthly networking event for the Kuwaiti creative community, hosted by Dina Al-Mallak and Jassim Burhama of CEE Network, and Masscreation Productions. This month’s meet up featured Raed Al-Hout, US Patent and Trademark Office …

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From July 1st 2018 – No recruitment for Expats graduates below 30 yrs

Require your kind clarification regarding the new law which is to be implemented by July 1, 2018. No recruitment of expatriate graduates below 30 years starting from July 31st. Is this law applicable for the graduates below 30 years who are already working in Kuwait? I am 27 years of …

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Passport seized by sponsor

My question is in regard to my passport. I worked for a company for over five years and I had to file a case to be able to get a release. I finally received my release now and I am trying to get my passport; my old employer took my …

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Absconding case registered – Can I take advantage of this Amnesty

My visa is Article 18, and my sponsor registered a complaint against me that I ran away (Thagayub), therefore my residency has expired, can I use this amnesty to leave the country? If I can not what do I have to do to leave the country? Name withheld Answer: Under …

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Company situation is not good – Want to resign but company not accepting resignation

First all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Arab Times legal clinic wing for providing such a helpful information. I am a BE graduate (certificate attested) and came to Kuwait on a government project visa in 2008. My visa locally transferred in 2015 to my current company …

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Dependent Visa for unmarried daughter age limit

I appreciate your response to our queries. I have a question regarding my residence renewal. How many days do I need to complete my renewal process? Since I have to go to my country immediately after I stamp my residence. Also we want to apply for dependent visa for our …

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Factory visa transfer doubts

I have been working with a factory visa for the past 6 years. I heard when I get a release I must transfer the same factory visa to another sponsor one time and that if I get release for the second time I can transfer my visa to any private …

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Lot of evidence needed when filing divorce case

When filing for divorce because of spousal abuse, the first thing you must consider is the fact that being harmed means the relationship has reached a level where negotiations or simple talks are no longer beneficial in clarifying any kind of misunderstanding between spouses. It is even more difficult if …

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