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Monday , November 19 2018

Legal Clinic

Losing drivers license on designation change

I have my visa Article 18 company driver visa and I have university degree also. Now I have completed 1 year from my present company and now I have good offer from another company. But the new company wants to change my designation to a sales executive. My old company …

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Cancellation of visa and exiting Kuwait

Need your urgent help on Visa cancellation process. I have got job in Dubai and want to leave Kuwait. Can you please help me with following queries: 1. How long extension do they give after visa cancellation. 2. After cancellation, can I exit the country and leave my family here …

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No more combined salaries to sponsor family members

I like to know what is the minimum salary required to combine both husband and wife salary and eligible for dependent visa for child. Can you explain the requirements in detail? Name withheld Answer: In days gone by, husband and wife could combine their salaries to meet the minimum salary …

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2nd time visit visa for family issued only after 6 mnts

I need to bring my wife and son on visit visa. If I extend the visa one more month when they leave Kuwait, how long does it take to apply for a second visit visa for my wife and son. Name withheld Answer: When your wife and son come to …

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Transferring Dependent visa of a Son to Work visa

Hi! I’m a 20-year-old guy on a temporary visa. My dependent visa expired about two months ago and this is my second extension and this expires in a month and half. Recently I’ve had a dispute with my parents about working. I insisted that I won’t work with my father …

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Ban on Expats under 30 yrs

Ban on recruitment of expats below 30 years of age for degree holders. Kindly clarify the rule will affect existing engineers in Kuwait. Name withheld Answer: That proposal has since been shelved with the explanation that more study is needed to determine whether it will be resurrected or completely abandoned. …

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Driving license for Masool work permit

I am working in Kuwait from 2011 and currently my salary is KD 800. My designation on my work permit is Masool. Am I eligible to get a driving licence and where I can apply for the same? What all documents are required to apply? Please advise. Name withheld Answer: …

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Transfer of factory visa

I changed jobs recently and when the new company was trying to transfer my visa the mandoub informed me that it is not possible as I am on a factory visa. Please note that I entered the country on a factory visa in January 2016 as of now my visa …

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Freedom of speech no licence to defame

Insulting, offending or mocking other people are acts that do not go unpunished. The Criminal Law fights against people who degrade others verbally or in written form, especially those who think that the law will not be applied on them as they are merely “expressing their opinions freely;” while their …

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Govt project visa transferred to main file, can I transfer visa to pvt company?

My visa was a govt project for four years. When that project finished, my visa changed to the sponsor’s main file. Can I transfer my visa to another private company that is not a project? Name withheld Answer: Yes, it is possible that you can transfer your visa to another …

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