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Tuesday , November 20 2018

Legal Clinic

Release for degree holder and non-degree holder

I have been working here in Kuwait for 3 years plus now. My first company gave me a release but now I got a better offer from another company and they want me to start immediately. I’m in my 6th month now. My question is, if I leave, should I …

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Transfer of visa 22 to visa 18

Currently am on family Visa 22, I got a offer from a reputed private company. Can my Visa be transferred to Visa 18? Here is my Visa status and duration. Past Visa status: 22/7/14 — 06/05/16 — Visa 22 07/05/16 — 24/04/17 — Visa 18 Current Visa Status: 25/04/17 — …

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Change of visa from family to company

I am an Indian living in Kuwait for past 4 yrs on family visa and I am a degree holder too. Now my question is, is there any chance to change my visa to 18 without going to India for visa transfer? Name withheld Answer: No, you don’t need to …

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Minimum salary requirement for dependent visa

This is to get an information regarding the new rule for the dependent Visa. I would like to know what is the minimum salary required for taking Visa for my family. I am an engineer working with KD 350 monthly salary. Name withheld Answer: The minimum salary required to be …

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Beauty salon can be sued for hair damage

You can sue a beauty salon if it ruined your hair, made you bald and caused you enormous loss! I think what is really horrible is that they ask you to pay for hair dyeing service after burning your scalp because they used unsafe products and gave you the color …

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Renewal of family visa when sponsor changes company

I am working in a private organisation in the Banking sector. On my work permit designation is Accountant with salary of KD 250. My wife and daughter already have a valid residence on my sponsorship. So I planned to change my company and another company is offering me salary KD …

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Resignation, release & bank loan

I am an engineering graduate and have been working with a company since July 1, 2006. I had been hired locally as an engineer. I have submitted my resignation on Nov 21, 2017 requesting my last working day as Feb 21, 2018 (3 months notice period) , as per Kuwaiti …

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Driving license for a nurse

I need advice to apply for a driving licence. My designation is ‘personnel officer’, my actual salary is KD 450, but in my work permit only KD 270 is mentioned. With this salary am I eligible to apply for a driving licence in Kuwait? Answer: No, you can’t apply for …

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Applying for Work Visa in Kuwait

Can you please answer my below questions: I was working in Kuwait on 18 visa before 1.5 years back for 2 years. When I left I cancelled my visa. Now I have got an offer from a company. I just want to know that if I apply for work visa …

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Date wage calculation begins is 1st day of probation period

While the Kuwaiti Labor Law provides that either the employer or employee can terminate an employment agreement during the probation period without a notice and if terminated by the employer then they must settle any end of service benefits. While many parties understand this legal concept, many are confused when …

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