Tuesday , January 23 2018

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Installing dashboard camera to record accidents

Thank you so much for your free legal advice in the arabtimesonline. com. It is helping many people understand the legal intricacies in living and working here in Kuwait. Kindly tell me installing a dashboard camera in my car to record accidents (if it happens) or to refute alleged violations …

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Paid sick leave during probation period

I want to check if the employee can avail a paid sick leave during his probation period of 100 days or this should be considered as unpaid leave, based on Kuwait labour law. Name withheld Answer: Taking a sick leave does not lie in the hands of the employee as …

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Transferring residence from Factory visa to Company visa

I was born and brought up in Kuwait. I went to India to do my graduation while still keeping my residence in Kuwait valid. After the completion of my graduation (engineering), I returned to Kuwait and took up a job in a factory as an engineer (technician, on work permit). …

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Pregnant – Husband in India, want to sponsor infant

I am 4 months pregnant, my husband is in India. After delivery is it possible to put the infant residence on my name as dependent. I am drawing salary of KD 450. If yes, need to know the procedure. Name withheld Answer: You will have a herculian task to sponsor …

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Main file – Factory Visa

I have read the previous posts. But I have the following questions. 1. I first entered Kuwait on a factory visa of the company. When I enquired with my mandoub he said I’m on the main file of the sponsor. What does this mean? 2. I am not a degree …

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Overtime during Ramadan

I have a question pertaining to pay during Ramadan. I am an American working for an American company here in Kuwait. We have been told that we are working under Kuwait Labour Laws with the exception of Ramadan. From my previous employer we were told that during the month of …

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Release from company

Sir/madam, good day to your good office. I resigned from my company last April 1, 2017, and I stated that I will only be working until July 1, 2017 for the company. The management told me that the first day of my resignation will be the time when they approve …

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Oral termination

I have been terminated orally but not have received a termination letter neither an offi cial warning prior (oral or written) by my sponsor. Can I have the telephone number/ Whatsapp to a legal representative to ask him a few questions. Name withheld Answer: We are sorry, but we do …

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