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Saturday , November 17 2018

Legal Clinic

Not taken vacation for 2 yrs, want to leave Kuwait for good -Annual Leave balance payment

Thank you for the legal advices that you have been giving online, it has been very helpful. I would like to ask for an advice regarding my situation. I am a degree holder and started my contract last April 10, 2017. I decided that I wanted to end my employment …

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Visit visa for wife – Pakistani National

I am from Pakistan and working in a reputed company in Kuwait as a driver. My basic salary is KD 250. I want to bring my family for 3 months, is it possible or not as a Pakistani? I am waiting for your answer. Name withheld Answer: Legally, it is …

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Leave salary calculation

I am writing this email to clarify my doubt regarding the Leave Salary Calculation as per Kuwait Labour Law. I am planning to take my annual leave from 02-01-2019 to 31-01-2019 and my monthly salary is KD 350. My annual leave entitlement is 30 days per year. My doubt is, …

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Indemnity calculation – Resigning due to health issues

As I’m in need of your help and guidance, I have read several times with the same issue in your column. Which is so helpful to so many needful expats through The Arab Times English daily newspaper, we’re so grateful to have it. Now I come for the same. As …

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Visit visa for wife, but salary below KD 250

I also want to apply visit visa for my wife. My salary KD 175 as per work permit however I receive average salary above KD 250 with commission that can prove through monthly bank statement. Can I get visit visa for her? Name withheld Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot apply for …

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Driving license for a Diploma holder in Engineering

I would like to know whether I can apply for a driving licence. I am getting KD 600 salary and my visa profession is quality supervisor, and I have diploma in civil engineering, but I don’t have a university degree, please provide good suggestion regarding this matter. Name withheld Answer: …

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Transfer of visa for graduates

I was working in a company for last 3 years. Due to financial issues the company had to close down and they locally transferred me to their sister concern company this July 2018 with new work permit. Now I have completed just 4 months with them. I have got a …

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Son sponsoring parents on dependent visa

I have already enquired about the same issue around one and half years back with you and got clarified that it is possible to transfer to my son’s sponsorship mine and my wife’s residence. I would like to know from your good office that under the present scenario and situation …

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Retiring from Job – Indemnity calculation

As always I seek your advise regarding the subject matter and looking forward your kind reply in order to take up with my office as there are some calculations issue. The details are like this; company has told me to retire now from service and the details are as below: …

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Ministry staff driving license

I have been working in Ministry of Information since 2007 and my salary is 520 and I have a bachelor degree. Can I get a driving license. Name withheld Answer: No you cannot, as you need to earn a monthly salary of KD 600 or more to be able to …

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