Monday , November 20 2017

Legal Clinic

Driving license for a Sales Representative

I need advise from you. My visa is renewed as Mandoop Mubiyath (sales representative) as I am into sales now. My salary is KD 350 in the iznamal. Can I get the driving license for this designation? Please advise. Name withheld Answer: No, you can not get a driving licence, …

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Blacklisted for not passing medical examination

I married in Kuwait as my wife was on visit visa and she left for India as I wanted to get her on family visa but she failed her medical tests as her X-ray was not clear as per Kuwait medical agency. Now her name is blocked from entering Kuwait. …

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Time period to wait to convert from Family to Work visa

How long does one need to wait to convert the family visa to work visa, what is the minimum duration to get the visa transfer? Is it one year? Name withheld Answer: Yes, it is one year if you do not hold a university degree but if you are a …

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Can I bring my 2 yr old child from India to Kuwait?

I am working in the private sector with a salary of KD 300 and my wife is also working with Visa No. 18 with salary KD 300. My 2-yrold child is in India now. Can I bring my child to Kuwait. Name withheld Answer: Yes, you can bring your child …

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Visit visa to Dependent visa transfer from infant born outside Kuwait

My salary is KD 320. I brought my wife and child (infant) 1-yearold in Kuwait visit visa. Is it possible to change my son’s visa to dependent visa? Please advise. Name withheld Answer: Sorry, but you cannot transfer your son’s visit to a dependent visa because your KD 320 monthly …

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Dependent visa for a Son above 21 yrs of age

I would like to know if I can get a ‘dependent’ visa for my 28-yearold son and if so, what are the visa charges. I am an engineer by profession and my salary is over KD 1,000. If he comes from India on a dependent visa, can the visa be …

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3 months notice period mandatory

I am expat with over 5 years on site constructing a major public works project 6 days per week. Upon return from annual leave on Aug 5, I received project demob letter dated July 27, 2017. It said my last day on the project is Sept 30. I have been …

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Factory visa transfer to any other company

May I know the possibilities of transferring my visa from factory to any other company, I came here on a factory visa before 3 years profession — production engineer, so any advantages for engineers to do it. Name withheld Answer: In as much as you were brought to Kuwait on …

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Services terminated – “I have bank loans to pay”

My services are terminated by the employer and I am on three months’ notice period (remaining notice period is 15 days only). Please note that my Iqama will be valid for 3 months from the last working day. I am having some loans in bank and other institutions and I …

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