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Monday , October 21 2019

Legal Clinic

Salary requirement to sponsor dependent visa for Wife and Children

Can you please let me know the salary required to bring my family on dependent visa for wife & two kids. Name withheld Answer: To …

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Visa transfer for newcomer in Kuwait

I am a newcomer in Kuwait, with visa 18. My visa was arranged by one of my friends who is working in Kuwait. I have …

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Liberty to apply for a release after 3 yrs of work

I have an issue regarding my resignation. I have worked continuously 3 years (from March 2016 to March 2019) in my present company and now …

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Visit Visa for Mother-in-law

I have been going through your legal clinic column and I can’t seem to find a clear answer on how many months I can get …

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Kuwait Society of Engineers don’t recognize part time degree from N.B.A. accredited universities / colleges

I am a civil engineer by profession and working in Kuwait for the past 2 years. Recently I submitted my application for K.S.E membership. After …

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How soon I can apply for 2nd Visit Visa?

My wife is in Kuwait on visit visa for 3 months period. The Visa was issued in January 2019. She entered Kuwait on Jan 29th. …

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Are Fridays & Saturdays included in 70 days maternity leave?

I would like to inquire about the policy governing maternity leave. I delivered my baby and my leave started on Feb 3, 2019. Our days …

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Termination due to absenteeism of health reason

I am working with a Korean company in Kuwait for the past 8 months, but they are going to terminate me due to absenteeism. Actually …

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Profession ‘Accountant’ but visa provided is ‘waiter or clerk’, will I have problems?

I have received a offer letter from a company based in Kuwait, in which my profession is mentioned as ‘accountant’, but in the visa provided, …

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Visit visa for wife – Salary lesser then allowance

I am from India. I’m working in Kuwait as an engineer in infrastructure company since one year and two months. My basic salary is KD …

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