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Tuesday , November 13 2018

Legal Clinic

Transferred from Company visa to Project visa have no problem in reverting

I have been working on a company visa for the last 15 years, currently I got good offer to work on oil and gas project. If I finish the project period, can I transfer my visa again to company visa? Will there be any problem for transferring project to company? …

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Visa restriction – Bringing wife on Visit visa can I get on Dependent visa later before 6 mnts?

I have small question and I need your support. I am planning to get my wife on tourist visa to Kuwait and after 90 days she will go back to my home country and after a couple of weeks I’m planning to bring her on family visa or dependent visa. …

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Visit visa validity for Parents/Wife/Children mentioned on Visa

I have seen the subject mentioned in Arab Times in which it is mentioned the visit visa for parents is valid for 1 month only. Can you please confirm this? When I took visa for my mother, I was told that the visa is valid for 3 months. Attached is …

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Does B.Tech Information Technology Software Engineers need NOC from KSE?

I am a B.Tech Information Technology graduate who completed my course during the year 2009 and my designation is titled as ‘Software Engineer’ in my visa. During my search at http://www. nbaind.org I noticed my college has been accredited by NBA but course isn’t. It seems that my college has …

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Work visa in Kuwait for those working in gulf

I am presently working as assistant professor in King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. I am an Indian citizen. I have been working for the past six years in Saudi Arabia. I am about to get a job offer from Kuwait. So, how should I proceed further without going to India …

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No indemnity for service below 3 yrs

If I resign from my company by end of this month (30/04/2018) with 3 month notice period. There is one day weekly off (without Friday) or daily 1 hour leave from working hour is applicable or not. Same thing if they are terminating me, there is one day weekly off …

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Wife stayed back in home country for more then 6 months, can I bring her on visit visa?

My question is my wife was on dependent visa in Kuwait. She had gone to India for holidays and stayed there more than six months. Her visa expired on 7/3/18. I know her visa will be cancelled automatically. In this case can I bring her on visit visa or is …

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Want to bring mother on visit visa

want to bring my mother to Kuwait by visit visa, can I know how much salary should be enough and if I get visit visa how many months validity. Please give me answer. Name withheld Answer: You should be earning at least KD 250 per month to be able to …

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Driving license cancellation on designation basis

Hi! I just want to know if my driving licence will be cancelled if I change my profession. I was a phlebotomist in the hospital laboratory earning KD 335. Now I will move to a new company as laboratory technician earning KD 400. Name withheld Answer: The fact that you …

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Diploma in Computer Engineering, but on work permit “Systems Analyst” – Do i need to register in KSE?

I am a 3 years Polytechnic Diploma holder (Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering mentioned in the certificate) from India and presently working as ‘System Analyst’ (Muhalil Nudum) in my work permit. I have been here since 15 years in same position and same company. To renew my work permit, …

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