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Tuesday , November 20 2018

Legal Clinic

Engineers without NOC from KES and without residence, stay in Kuwait is about to end

I am working as a Service Manager for a Construction Equipment Company for the last 14 years. My company is in the process of transferring my residency to another project/company under the same group, as the previous project/company is closed and am provided with a temporary residency (Article 14) for …

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Company is not accepting resignation after 1 yr of service

I have completed 1 year’s service in a company, but the company is not accepting my resignation letter. How do I proceed from here as the company is not paying overtime and no holiday. Name withheld Answer: If you were hired locally by the company, you are entitled to a …

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NOC rejected by KSE – Shoun rejected change in designation

Due to the recent change in rule for renewing the residence visa of engineers I am not able to obtain an NOC from Kuwait Society of Engineers. Hence my company has tried to change my designation from engineer to manager, Shoun has rejected and said NOC is required. Kindly advise …

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Conditions required to obtain driving license

I always appreciate the work of the Arab Times Legal clinic. I have the following queries about the driving license. 1. What are the conditions for getting a driving license ? 2. Currently my visa status is Supervisor of safety & security team & working in KOC, am I eligible …

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Divorce and sponsorship of child

I have been offered a job in Kuwait, but my husband has applied for a divorce and the case is ongoing. I want to take my child along with me to Kuwait. What are the formalities and what if in child passport her father’s name is not mentioned? Will it …

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Civil ID number changed when came back on new visa

I have been living in Kuwait since 2009. On Dec 26, 2017 I had exited the country and came back on a new visa on March 10, 2018. My company could not complete the residency process on time due to the new NOC rule concerning engineers and they put an …

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Transfer of factory visa – Came to Kuwait on company visa

My colleague entered Kuwait on company visa 18. He later shifted to factory visa and was there for 4 years. Can he transfer to company visa again? What is the procedure? Name withheld Answer: Since he first entered Kuwait on company visa (18) but later transferred to factory visa, we …

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Arab Times answering legal questions

I would simply like to inquire how to go about posting a question in the ‘Legal Clinic’ part of the website. I have registered an account in the webmaster, however the option to request for question is not visible anywhere within the ‘Legal Clinic’ page. I have sensitive matter that …

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Procedure to obtain family visa for those born outside Kuwait

I would like to inquire about the new and recent procedure for family visa for my baby born in India; she is 1 year 6 months now. When she was born my husband’s salary was not KD 450, now in his new work permit he has KD 450 salary and …

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Driving license obtained on basis of Muscat driving license – Change in profession cancel it?

I came to Kuwait as a teacher six months ago, with a salary of KD 400. Now I want to change my profession to marketing personnel. I obtained a licence in between (based on my valid Muscat licence). Now, if I change my profession, will may licence be invalid? Please …

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