Monday , October 23 2017

Legal Clinic

Indemnity issue with Kuwait University

It would benefit everyone in Kuwait to know that Kuwait University does not pay indemnity after end of service to foreigners. They don’t have the budget for it and anyone thinking of working there should avoid this trap. Name withheld Answer: Our checks have shown that it cannot be entirely …

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Visit visa for family members

I would like to know if I can get visit visa for my unmarried sister (22 years), and also the validity of the visa. How much time can she spend in Kuwait, a month or 3 months. My salary is KD 553. Someone told me that I would require a …

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Water wasted for washing of vehicles

Thank you very much for your kind advices that are helpful for everyone. I would like to seek your advice on a common issue existing in Kuwait. Thousand of litres of clean water wasted everyday on washing vehicles illegally in morning hours by the building caretakers. They are not only …

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Parents of different nationality – Passport issuance for Child

I am a South African male married to a Filipino lady and we just had our second child in Kuwait. When applying for residency they told me that my daughter has to have the same passport as myself which is South African, however with my son (first born) there was …

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Hajj leave

Is it true? ‘The worker who spent two continuous years working for the same employer shall be entitled to 21 days leave with pay to perform Al-Hajj provided that he had not performed Hajj before’ Name withheld Answer: Yes, it is true, and you have quoted exactly Article 76 of …

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Management asking to refund part of salary deposited in bank account

I am really thankful to you, for your guidance provided to all through legal clinic. I joined my company on 16/12/2013, directly from India with a basic salary of KD 600 and KD 100 for car allowance. Out of which only KD 600 deposited regularly in my salary account and …

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Illegal to take any kind of job when on Dependent Visa

Kindly let me know whether professional with dependent visa is permitted to work in contracting or consultancy office? Name withheld Answer: Under the laws of Kuwait it is an offence to work while you are on a dependent visa, no matter whether you are a professional or not. However the …

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Unscrupulous Employer – Farm visa transfer

I came to Kuwait on April, 2014 on a farm (agriculture) visa. I am a masters degree holder in Marketing from United Kingdom. I came to Kuwait on marketing manager post with an accepted salary of KD 500 per month but my employer gave me farm visa (electrician) and said …

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