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Thursday , November 15 2018

Legal Clinic

Visit visa for brother

I need help to get visit visa for Kuwait for my brother in India. Can I get the visa easily or do I need some wasta. Name withheld Answer: If you have an attested marriage certificate, affidavit (also attested) showing your relation with the person you wish to invite and …

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Contract variation – Illegal act by company in violation of the Kuwait Labour Law

I joined a new company 9 months back with their job letter offer as Supply Chain Manager with agreed salary. I worked for 3 years in previous company and they cleared all my indemnities and provided the required support. After continuous follow up with my new company they made my …

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Cancellation of dependent visa residence

I am leaving Kuwait and want to cancel my residence. I have a daughter who is studying abroad and is my dependent. Does she need to come to Kuwait to cancel her residence? Can I cancel her residence without her being in the country? Name withheld Answer: Since your daughter …

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Renewal / Activation of cancelled driving licence

I took my driving licence on 7/05/2017 (1 year validity and now date expired). That time my profession mentioned was General Manager with salary KD 600. On 13/06/2017, I changed my iqama to another company with my profession mentioned as Work Supervisor with salary KD 600. After that, when I …

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Worked for 6 mnts want release or go back to home country

I came to Kuwait in December, I don’t want to work in my company. Can I get release or can I go back to India again, completed 6 months here. Name withheld Answer: Under Kuwait Labor Law you are expected to work for the company for three years before you …

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Driving licence renewal for an Engineer

My driving licence was first issued in 1999 and renewed again in 2009. It is up for renewal in 2019. I am an engineer and my licence has been issued for the same post. I would like to know when I renew my licence in 2019, will it be renewed …

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Attestation of documents to acquire driving licence

I have a query on the eligibility criteria for applying for a driving licence. My work permit states salary as KD 750 and my designation ‘Technician.’ I have done BSc (Chemistry Hons) but my degree certificate is not attested. Am I eligible to apply for a driving licence or does …

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Cancellation of residence and returning back to home country

I have a legal question and I hope that you can help me. I have resigned my job and I want to return to my home country. Can you please tell me what is the procedure to cancel my residency (I am aware that this part is supposed to be …

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Drivers visa changed to Electricial Engineer – Driving license got cancelled

I came to Kuwait in Feb 2016 on driver visa and got my driving licence in May 2016 with salary KD 450. At that time I heard that, driving licence will be cancelled if I change designation within 2 years. Even my mandoub insisted that it can be possible to …

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Transfer of Project Visa – Came to Kuwait on Visa 18, now on project visa

Dear sir, I am working in one company; it’s projects visa, but I came to Kuwait on Visa 18 restaurant job, can I change again to Visa 18, please let me know. Thank you. Name withheld Answer: Since you didn’t initially enter Kuwait on a project visa you are not …

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