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Friday , December 6 2019

Legal Clinic

Rent increase

I have been staying in an old apartment in Salmiya for the last 20 years. Every 5 years, I have been renewing my contract with …

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6-mth stay out of Kuwait for students

Currently I have permission for my son to stay out of Kuwait for the duration of his university studies, which is until June 2016. Please …

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Want to start own business but on Ministry Visa

I have been working for a ministry (Kuwait) on an Article 17 visa for the last two years. Now I am planning to start some …

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Power of attorney to made in Kuwait to sell a real estate property

I’m writing to you from Wroclaw, Poland. I have a question about power of attorney to made in Kuwait to sell a real estate property …

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Bachelor accommodation

I am facing a problem. I have been staying in a flat in Abu Halifa for about 18 years. The haris (watchman) came and told …

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Lost Learners driving license

After my driving test I had the original Istimara (learner’s driving license) and the certificate issued by the Kuwait Traffic Department (KTD) confirming that I …

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Annual leave & Payment

Could you please help me calculate my annual leave and also payment for the same according to the following details: Last rejoining date (from leave): …

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I came to Kuwait in March 2013 on a family visit visa and then in the month of April I got a job in a …

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Rude taxi driver

I am an expatriate in Kuwait and have been here for almost 9 years. Most of the time when I am going somewhere I ride …

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‘Daughter kidnapped’

I lived in Kuwait for eight years and left the country last year in July. My wife and daughter lived with me but when I …

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