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Wednesday , November 14 2018

Legal Clinic

Hiring maid of same nationality as of sponsor

My wife and myself are working here in Kuwait as nurses with a salary of more than KD 1,000 each. There is a kadama here working under a Kuwaiti sponsorship and will finish her contract by October. Her employer is amenable of giving her release papers once she finished her …

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Am I eligible for a driving licence?

I want to know if I am eligible for a driving licence? My details are as follows. 1. Salary on the work permit is KD 600. 2. I am a post graduate in commerce and my degree certificate is attested and translated. 3. I am a resident since March 2016 …

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Company is telling to say ” Indemnity Received” during cancellation at the Immigration Department

I have worked in a company for 5-1/2 years. The company terminated me giving three months notice period and I served all the three months. Now, I would like to cancel my residence and move to another country. The company is saying it will settle my indemnity after I cancel …

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Work with non-sponsor

I need your help with your valuable guidance and support with following two issues: 1. Case 1: I am a project manager in one of the IT companies here in Kuwait and during my course of job I used one of the sales lead for my benefits, the lead was …

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Leaving Kuwait for good

I will be leaving Kuwait for good by the end of July 2018. Currently I have my parents under my sponsorship. I have the flat, electricity & water and the landline telephone under my name. My questions are as follows: 1. Once my residence is cancelled by the company and …

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Requirements to obtain Kuwait driving licence

What are the rules and requirements for obtaining a driving licence in Kuwait? Is attested degree certificate (not Engineering degree) with KD 450 salary is enough for getting the driving licence? Name withheld Answer: To qualify to get a driving licence in Kuwait, you must meet the following requirements. 1. Be …

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Dependent visa sponsoring wife and kids

In my Izniamal my salary is mentioned below KD 450 but in my bank statement I get more. In 2013 my wife and kids were with me and they were on dependent visa but later we decided to cancel their visa. Now I want to get my wife and children …

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Clubbing of salaries to sponsor child is not permitted

Me and my wife are working here in Kuwait. We are both on Visa 18. We have a baby who was born in Kuwait. Later I sent the baby to my home country. Then after two years we brought the baby to Kuwait on a visit visa. Now the baby …

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Company wants to send back after contract period is over.

I have been working in a consolidated construction company for more than 2 years now. Now the company’s work is about to be completed. The company will send me back to India soon. I’m looking for another job in Kuwait but the company will not give me release. What will …

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Electrical Engineers registration for KSE

I am working as a manager in an organization. I have Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree. Do I still need to register myself for KSE? Name withheld Answer: Yes, you need to register with Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) as an electrical engineer or any other engineering major. Please note …

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