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Tuesday , October 15 2019


‘Child labor getting common’

Pledge to protect rights of child KUWAIT CITY, May 26: The Director General of the Municipality of Kuwait, Eng Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, stressed that the Municipality …

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35 Indians cheated by recruiting agent

Rs 65,000 service fee paid by each worker KUWAIT CITY, May 26: Thirty-five Indian workers from the Indian State of Karnataka are suffering in what …

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Commit 13 violations and lose your driving license

KUWAIT CITY, May 26: Director of Hawally Police Department Colonel Rashid Al-Hajri has enumerated 13 violations which will lead to the withdrawal of driving licenses, …

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11 am to 5 pm banned to work in open areas

KUWAIT CITY, May 26: The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) said the authority is preparing to implement the decision to ban working in open areas …

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Eid ul-Fitr likely to fall on June 5, say astronomers

KUWAIT CITY, May 26: A number of astrologers have predicted a major split this year between Arab and Muslim countries around the beginning of the …

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Close external speakers and microphones in mosques

KUWAIT CITY, May 26: The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has reaffirmed its commitment to close external speakers and microphones in mosques during prayers …

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Cooperatives in Kuwait ready with stocks for more than 6 months of basic commodities

Co-op societies ready for any regional developments KUWAIT CITY, May 25: As usual in crises, many cooperative societies have declared their readiness fully in the …

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‘Enact bilateral deals, extradite former head of PIFSS from UK’

MP warns govt about ‘consequences’ MP Riyadh Al-Adsani KUWAIT CITY, May 25: The issue within the governmental structure is managerial, not financial, says MP Riyadh …

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Kuwait Airways denies report of ban on some nationalities

KUWAIT CITY, May 25: Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) has denied reports that it had imposed a ban on several nationalities from boarding its flights and …

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Sleeping in mosques not allowed – Place of worship, not housing

KUWAIT CITY, May 25: Despite the confirmation of a number of preachers to sleep in mosques in the case of necessity or I’tikaaf (an Islamic …

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