Thursday , October 18 2018


Buddha ‘footprints’ returned to Pakistan

NEW YORK, April 28, (AP): An ancient stone sculpture of Buddha’s footprints that was smuggled into the United States and had been expected to sell for more than $1 million was returned to the government of Pakistan on Wednesday. The piece, called a Buddhapada, was taken from a Pakistani region …

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America warns of credible ‘terrorist threat’ in Turkey

ISTANBUL, April 27, (RTRS): The United States warned US citizens in Turkey on Tuesday about “credible” terrorist threats to tourist areas in the country. Turkey has been hit by four suicide bombings already this year, most recently in Istanbul last month. Two of the bombings have been blamed on Islamic …

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‘Economic warfare needed against IS’ – Jihadist group shows signs of pressure: Stringer

LONDON, April 27, (AFP): The US-led coalition against the Islamic State is squeezing the group’s revenues from oil, taxation and financial markets but it needs to step up its campaign of “economic warfare”, a leading British official said Tuesday. Air Vice-Marshal Edward Stringer, who is leading British government efforts to …

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Abdeslam extradited, charged in France

PARIS, April 27, (Agencies): Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam — Europe’s most wanted fugitive until his capture in Belgium last month — has been returned to France and charged with a host of terror-related offenses, his lawyer said Wednesday. The return of the last known survivor of those believed to …

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Aquino vows to ‘neutralise’ kidnappers – Police check if headless body is that of Canadian

MANILA, April 27, (Agencies): Philippine President Benigno Aquino vowed Wednesday to launch a military assault aimed at “neutralising” Islamic militants who beheaded a Canadian hostage and are holding more than 20 other foreigners. “Casualties are to be expected. But what has to be of utmost importance is neutralising the criminal …

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Kuwait, Saudis struggle to restart Khafji oilfield

DUBAI/RIYADH, April 26, (RTRS): Kuwait and Saudi Arabia appear no closer to restarting their jointly operated Khafji oilfield, industry sources said, despite Kuwait saying the sides had agreed to ramp up output after an 18-month shutdown. Any delay in the restart of the Neutral Zone field that produced 280,000 to …

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Qaeda wing says killed activist in Bangladesh – LGBT people targeted

DHAKA, April 26, (Agencies): A group affiliated to al-Qaeda claimed responsibility on Tuesday for killing a Bangladeshi gay rights campaigner and his friend, the latest in a string of murders of liberal activists and other minorities in the South Asian nation. The slaying of Xulhaz Mannan, editor of Bangladesh’s first …

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IS infiltration claims jolt Swedish Greens

STOCKHOLM, April 26, (AP): One refused to shake hands with a female journalist. Another compared Israel to Nazi Germany. A third was seen doing hand signs associated with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in the background of a live TV broadcast. The behavior of some Muslim members of Sweden’s Green Party, which …

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‘Panic button mandatory for all cellphones sold in India’ – Bid to avert sexual assault, make life better

KUWAIT CITY, April 26: The government of India is planning to make ‘panic button’ mandatory for all mobile phone handsets sold in India from 2017 considering it an effective tool for self-protection, especially for women who are victims of sexual assaults in one of the most populous nation. A reliable …

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Expat ‘green card’ in Saudi ‘Vision 2030’

RIYADH/DUBAI, April 25, (Agencies): Saudi Arabia will introduce a “green card” system within five years to allow resident expatriates in the kingdom to have more rights in order to improve its investment climate, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Monday. Speaking in a television interview, he said planned …

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