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Tuesday , December 11 2018


Qatar condemns Morsi verdict

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, June 19, (AP): Regional adversaries Qatar and Egypt have renewed their animosity, trading harshly-worded statements over the sentencing to death by a Cairo court of six people, including two Al- Jazeera employees, for allegedly passing Egyptian documents related to national security to Qatar and the Doha- …

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Bodies of 19 Ethiopians found

Congolese border guards found the bodies of 19 Ethiopian migrants who had died of asphyxia in a lorry carrying nearly 100 stowaways, after being alerted by a “nauseous” smell, offi cials said Saturday. Seventy-six other Ethiopians were found still alive when the Zambianregistered truck was stopped Thursday in the southeast …

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Gulf must gear up for taxes – Companies prepare plans for VAT, Excise Tax

DUBAI, UAE, June 19: The GCC Ministers of Finance held an extraordinary meeting on Thursday June 16 in Jeddah and approved in principle the Value Added Tax (VAT) and Excise Tax treaties. Some administrative matters still need to be resolved, notably with regards to the tax collection mechanism related to …

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Pakistani couple killed

A pregnant woman and her husband have been abducted and shot dead by relatives who disapproved of their marriage, police said Sunday, the latest in a surge of reported “honour killings” in Pakistan. The couple were murdered near the village of Thikriwala in Punjab province last Wednesday, senior local police …

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Belgium holds 12 after anti-terror raids

BRUSSELS, June 18, (Agencies): Belgian police arrested 12 suspects in a major anti-terror operation overnight amid security alerts in Belgium and France around the Euro 2016 soccer tournament and just three months after Islamist bombers wrought carnage in Brussels. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel chaired a meeting of the government’s …

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Software ‘unveiled’ to fight online extremism

WASHINGTON, June 18, (AFP): A software tool unveiled Friday aims to help online firms quickly find and eliminate extremist content used to spread and incite violence and attacks. The Counter Extremism Project, a nongovernment group based in Washington, proposed its software be used in a system similar to one used …

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Teenage ‘Islamist’ killed in Bangladesh

A teenage suspected Islamist militant being held in custody in Bangladesh was shot dead Saturday in a gunfight, police said, days after he allegedly hacked and critically wounded a Hindu lecturer. Police said Golam Faizullah Fahim, 19, who was in custody for questioning, was killed when officers under attack in …

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Pakistan bans Ramadan TV

Two Ramadan shows broadcast by private news channels in Pakistan were taken off air Friday by regulators for discussing blasphemy laws. The channels, ‘Aaj News’ and ‘TV One’, were said by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to have violated its code of conduct by promoting sectarian views and disgracing …

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GCC nod to VAT, tax proposals – Start 2018

JEDDAH, June 17, (KUNA): The GCC finance ministers discussed and approved on Thursday the proposals to impose the valueadded tax (VAT) and the selective tax, during the 104th extraordinary meeting of the GCC Financial and Economic Cooperation Committee. In a statement Friday, Bahrain’s Finance Minister Sheikh Ahmad bin Mohammed al-Khalifa, …

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Boko Haram shot ‘dead’ 24 women

YOLA, Nigeria, June 17 (RTRS): Boko Haram militants have shot dead 24 women at a funeral in Nigeria’s northeast, rampaging a village, setting houses on fire and shooting at random, witnesses and local government officials said on Friday. The attack took place at about 5 p.m. (1600 GMT) on Thursday …

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