Sunday , October 21 2018


Do your homework Haley – Numbers, facts talk for themselves: Otaibi

UNITED NATIONS, July 25, (Agencies): US envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Tuesday slammed Arab and Islamic states for talking a lot about supporting the Palestinians but not giving more money to help, calling out countries like Egypt, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Haley listed how much …

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Islamic State (DAESH) in comeback with guerrilla tactics

BAQUBA, Iraq, July 24, (RTRS): Months after Iraq declared victory over Islamic State, its fighters are making a comeback with a scatter-gun campaign of kidnap and killing. With its dream of a Caliphate in the Middle East now dead, Islamic State has switched to hit-and-run attacks aimed at undermining the …

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59,000 nabbed for loitering in streets of Philippines

Crime prevention campaign: Duterte MANILA, July 24, (RTRS): Each night, police in teams of about a dozen fan out across the most rundown areas of the Philippine capital, rounding up slum-dwellers who linger in the streets, or teenagers who play in makeshift computer gaming shops. Children scavenging on mountains of …

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At least 74 dead as Greece battles wildfires

ATHENS, July 24, (Agencies): Raging wildfires killed 74 people including small children in Greece, devouring homes and forests as terrified residents fled to the sea to escape the flames, authorities said Tuesday. Orange flames engulfed pine forests, turning them to ash and leaving lines of charred cars in the smoke-filled …

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Iran warns US of strong response

TURKEY TELLS U.S. IT OPPOSES SANCTIONS ON TEHRAN TEHRAN, July 24, (Agencies): Iran’s armed forces chief of staff on Tuesday warned the US of a robust reaction if it continued to threaten Iranian interests. “They will receive a firm and strong response to an unbelievable degree in the places and …

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Duterte pledges ‘unrelenting’ drug war

MANILA, July 23, (AFP): Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte pledged on Monday to press ahead with a war on drugs that has already killed thousands, and castigated critics of his signature initiative. Duterte opened his annual State of the Nation Address (SONA) with a defence of the narcotics crackdown that is …

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Muslims fear being left off citizen list

India said on Sunday people whose names are missing from a list of citizens to be issued by a border state this month will not be detained, amid concerns that Muslims will be targeted under the guise of detecting illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. “We will ensure that every individual gets …

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Gunman kills two in Toronto shooting rampage

A 29-year-old gunman opened fire on pedestrians in a bustling Toronto neighborhood, killing two and wounding a dozen others, police in Canada’s largest city said Monday, adding the suspect was found dead in an alley after an exchange of gunfire with police. A video clip posted by Canadian media appeared …

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Never, ever threaten US, Trump tells Iran

Pompeo calls religious leaders hypocritical WASHINGTON/ANKARA, July 23, (Agencies): US President Donald Trump told Iran it risked dire consequences “the like of which few throughout history have suffered before” if the Islamic Republic made more threats against the United States. His words, spelled out in capital letters in a late …

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Arab Inter Parliamentary Union commends Kuwaiti support for Palestinians

Jerusalem as Israel capital rejected CAIRO, July 22, (KUNA): Members of the Arab Inter- Parliamentary Union (APIU) commended Saturday State of Kuwait’s support of the Palestinian cause at all levels and different conferences. The AIPU members, in a final statement following an urgent session on Palestine held at request of …

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