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Monday , November 19 2018


Saudis mull ‘hi-tech’ bracelets for pilgrims

DUBAI, June 30, (RTRS): Saudi Arabia will introduce electronic identification bracelets for all pilgrims to Makkah starting this year, Saudi media said on Thursday, as part of a safety drive a year after the annual Islamic rite suffered its deadliest disaster in a generation. As many as 2,070 people died …

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AMIR OFFERS CONDOLENCES … KUWAITIS IN ISTANBUL SAFE – Turning point seen in fight on terror

ISTANBUL, June 29, (Agencies): Turkish investigators pored over video footage and witness statements on Wednesday after three suspected Islamic State suicide bombers opened fire and blew themselves up in Istanbul’s main airport, killing 41 people and wounding 239. The attack on Europe’s third-busiest airport was the deadliest in a series …

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Cracks seen in DAESH hold – US wants anti-IS fight to wrap within 14 months

ERBIL, Iraq, June 29, (Agencies): It was barely more than a squiggle, but the mark of a single letter sprayed overnight on a wall in the heart of Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate was a daring act of dissent. The next day, ultra-hardline Islamic State fighters came and scrubbed out the …

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Police killings up as Duterte takes office – Law enforcement officers action stirs fear

MANILA, June 29, (Agencies): Two things catch the eye in the office of Joselito Esquivel, a police colonel enforcing a national crackdown on drugs in the Philippines’ most crime-ridden district: a pair of boxing gloves in a display cabinet and an M4 assault rifle lying beside him. “It’s all-out war,” …

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Pak military courts challenged – SC to rule on abuse claims in coming weeks

ISLAMABAD, June 29, (RTRS): Pakistan’s Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on whether secret military tribunals set up in early 2015 to try civilians accused of terrorism have violated the constitutional rights of 12 people convicted by these courts. The military tribunals were established after the massacre in December, …

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Planning underway for Mosul retake – Suicide bombings claim 12

WASHINGTON, June 28, (Agencies): Planning is underway for the military campaign to liberate Mosul from Islamic State, Brett McGurk, US President Barack Obama’s special envoy in the fight against Islamic State said on Tuesday. “Mosul will be a significant military challenge but also a political, diplomatic and humanitarian challenge. The …

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Lebanese army detains 103 Syrians in wake of border bombings

BEIRUT, June 28, (Agencies): Lebanese troops detained 103 Syrians for illegal entry into the country in a security sweep Tuesday, a day after a series of deadly bombings struck a village near the Syrian border, the military said. The government warned of a mounting challenge in tiny Lebanon, which abuts …

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Iranians pray for peace, forgiveness on holy night – ‘Worth more than 1,000 months’

TEHRAN, June 28, (AFP): Thousands of Iranians are gathering this week to mark one of the holiest times of the year, praying for forgiveness as well as help at a time of rising extremism in the region. The Laylat al-Qadr, or Night of Destiny, marks the moment when the Prophet …

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Britain vows action after racist attacks – Polish, Muslim leaders express concern

LONDON, June 28, (Agencies): Polish and Muslim leaders in Britain expressed concern on Monday after a spate of racially motivated hate crimes following last week’s vote to leave the European Union in which immigration was widely regarded as a key factor in the outcome. Police said offensive leaflets targeting Poles …

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Amir congratulates Iraq on Falluja liberation

KUWAIT CITY, June 27, (Agencies): His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah sent a congratulatory cable Monday to Iraqi President Fuad Masum and Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi on liberating the city of Falluja from so-called Islamic State (IS) militants. In the cable, His Highness the Amir wished …

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