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Monday , November 19 2018


Turkey’s airport ad accuses Sweden of highest rape rate

ISTANBUL, Aug 20, (Agencies): A billboard at Istanbul’s international airport accused Sweden of having the highest rate of rape worldwide, AFP pictures showed on Friday, just days after Stockholm accused Ankara of legalising sex with children. Printed in English and Turkish and displayed at the international departures section of Ataturk …

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Philippines nab ‘fake’ Filipinos – 177 en route to Saudi

MANILA, Philippines, Aug 19, (AP): Immigration authorities at Manila’s airport intercepted 177 Indonesians carrying Philippine passports before they boarded a flight Friday to Saudi Arabia. Five Filipinos escorting the Indonesians on a hajj pilgrimage were also apprehended as the passengers were about to leave for Medina , Immigration Commissioner Jaime …

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Burqa ban in public places proposed – Debate on integration rages

BERLIN, Aug 19, (Agencies): Germany’s interior minister on Friday proposed partially banning the fullface burqa Islamic veil, as a debate on integration rages after two jihadist attacks and ahead of key state elections. The call by Thomas de Maiziere comes as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government attempts to address public fears …

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Dubai detains charity Briton

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Aug 19, (AP): A British- Australian dual national living in Dubai who wanted to raise money for Afghans who fled their country’s long war has been detained for weeks over promoting a charity, his supporters said Friday. Scott Richards’ case appears to be the first prosecuted …

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Haunting image of Syrian boy rescued from Aleppo’s rubble

BEIRUT, Aug 18, (Agencies): Syrian opposition activists have released haunting footage showing a young boy rescued from a partially destroyed building in the aftermath of a devastating airstrike in Aleppo. The image of the stunned and weary- looking boy, sitting in an orange chair inside an ambulance, covered in dust …

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Saudis vow to pursue wage claims – Migrant workers wait for pay

QADISIYA LABOUR CAMP, Saudi Arabia, Aug 18, (RTRS): Migrant construction workers, abandoned in their thousands by Saudi employers in filthy desert camps during the kingdom’s economic slump, say they will not accept a government offer of free flights home unless they receive months of unpaid wages. The plight of the …

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Twitter suspends ‘terror’ accounts

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 18, (AFP): Twitter on Thursday announced that it has cut off 235,000 more accounts for violating its policies regarding promotion of terrorism at the global oneto- many messaging service. The latest account suspensions raised to 360,000 the total number of accounts sidelined since the middle of 2015 …

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‘For IS losing Sirte won’t mean losing Libya’ – Victory will be a boost for GNA

TRIPOLI, Aug 17, (AFP): Libyan pro-government forces have cornered Islamic State group fighters in a few pockets of Sirte, but defeat there will be far from the end of IS in Libya, analysts say. While ousting the jihadists from the coastal city that was once their North African stronghold would …

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UK faces legal test to stop radicals – Who is an extremist?

LONDON, Aug 17, (RTRS): To his detractors, including the British government, Salman Butt is an extremist whose views on Islam fly in the face of Britain’s values and help foster an atmosphere where young Muslims can be radicalised by militants. Even though he is not accused of supporting militant groups …

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10 in burkinis apprehended – PM backs ban

PARIS, Aug 17, (RTRS): Ten Muslim women wearing burkinis to the beach have been apprehended by police in the southern French city of Cannes in the three weeks since it imposed a temporary ban on the full body swimsuit, a local official said. Arguing that the burkini defies French laws …

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