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Thursday , November 15 2018


Two dead, 241 injured in Iran earthquake

Tehran, Aug 26, 2018 (AFP) – A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck western Iran near the border with Iraq early Sunday, killing two people and injuring more than 200, officials said. The shallow quake hit 26 kilometres (16 miles) southwest of the city of Javanrud in Kermanshah province, the US Geological …

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India, China agree to ‘expand’ military ties – Giants seek to mend ties

NEW DELHI, Aug 25, (RTRS): India and China have agreed to expand their military ties and enhance interaction to ensure peace on their common border, India said after a meeting between the old rivals’ defence ministers. Relations between the Asian giants were strained last year over a 73-day military face-off …

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Baghdadi alive, said irrelevant

BEIRUT, Aug 25, (Agencies): The US-led coalition said Thursday the leadership of the Islamic State group was now “irrelevant” after IS issued an audio message it said was by its chief Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi. Coalition spokesman Colonel Sean Ryan’s statement came after Baghdadi called on Muslims to wage “jihad” …

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Iran awaits EU oil, bank guarantees

U.S. CRITICIZES EUROPEAN AID PACKAGE FOR TEHRAN TEHRAN, Aug 25, (Agencies): Iran awaiting European guarantees on the sale of Iranian oil and banking relations, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday, according to the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA). President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of a …

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‘UN hampers Syria rebuild’ – Britain halts some aid to opposition

MOSCOW, Aug 20, (Agencies): Russia’s foreign minister on Monday accused the UN of hampering the reconstruction of war-torn Syria, as the Moscow-backed Syrian regime calls on refugees to return to the country. Sergei Lavrov said the United Nations’ political affairs department had last year sent out “a secret directive forbidding …

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Flood toll tops 400 as waters ‘recede’ – Hunt for missing

KOCHI, India, Aug 20, (Agencies): Floodwaters receded in Kerala on Monday, leaving Indian rescuers the grim task of retrieving bodies as the death toll from the worst monsoon rains in a century rose above 400. With nearly three quarters of a million people packed into relief camps in the southern …

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Over two million at Arafat Standing

Plan to raise number of Hajj pilgrims to 5 million by 2020 ARAFAT, Saudi Arabia, Aug 20, (Agencies): More than two million Muslims gathered at Mount Arafat on Monday for a vigil to atone for their sins and ask God’s forgiveness as the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia reached …

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Pilgrims head to Mina for ‘Yawm At Tarwiyah’

MINA, Aug 19, (Agencies): Pilgrims headed to Mina on Sunday to perform the rituals of the first day of Hajj called “Yawm At Tarwiyah”, meaning the day of quenching thirst before heading to Mount Arafat on Monday. The pilgrims would stay in Mina until sunrise, where they start heading to …

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More bodies found in Kerala as toll hits 370

THRISSUR, India, Aug 19, (Agencies): Rescuers searched submerged villages in southwest India on Sunday in a desperate hunt for survivors after floods killed at least 370 people and drove more than 700,000 from their homes. Entire villages in Kerala have been swept away in the state’s worst floods for a …

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US Action Group ‘plots overthrow’

Tehran seeks solutions to oil sales, revenue transfers LONDON, Aug 19, (Agencies): Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said on Sunday that a new Iran Action Group in the US State Department aimed to overthrow the Islamic Republic, but would fail. He was speaking on the 65th anniversary of a …

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