Saturday , October 20 2018


Bangladesh shuts news sites

Bangladesh has shut down dozens of online news services including those of pro-opposition media, an offi cial said Friday, sparking accusations of government censorship. The head of the national telecoms regulator said he ordered the closures late Thursday night, citing “objectionable contents”. “We’ve shut down 32 news portals and websites …

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Manila flight safe

A Gulf Air flight carrying 219 people to Bahrain landed safely in the Philippine capital Friday after turning back because of a heat-damaged engine, officials said. The Airbus 330-200 ignited a grass fire at the edge of the runway as it took off and smoke was seen inside the cabin …

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Indonesia foils plot to attack Singapore – 6 arrested suspects alleged to have links to IS

JAKARTA, Aug 5, (Agencies): Indonesian authorities arrested six suspected militants on Batam island on Friday who were believed to be linked to the Islamic State group and plotting an attack on nearby Singapore, a police spokesman said. Singapore said it had stepped up security in response. Indonesian police spokesman Agus …

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Hillary critics find ‘weapon’

WASHINGTON, Aug 4, (AFP): On paper, the Clinton Foundation looks unimpeachable: a charitable organization dedicated to improving millions of lives through education and health. However, it remains mired in suspicions about conflicts of interest involving the Democratic candidate for the White House. Three months before the US presidential election, Hillary …

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Human toll as bodies pile up in drug war – 603 killed since Duterte’s May election

MANILA, Aug 4, (AFP): Men shot and left to bleed out on busy streets, mutilated corpses dumped in vacant lots. The bodies are piling up as President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war brings terror to Filipino slums. Hundreds of people have died since Duterte won a landslide election in May, promising …

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Sexual abuse plagues sugarcane field female workers – Probe into child deaths cover-up

DELHI/MUMBAI, India, Aug 4, (Agencies): Indian officials launched investigations on Wednesday into child deaths in India’s mica mines after the Thomson Reuters Foundation revealed children were being killed in illegal mines and their deaths covered up. A three-month investigation in the mica-producing states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh …

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Al Habtoor receives UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor welcomed His Excellency Dr Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Cabinet Member and Minister of Climate Change and Environment for the United Arab Emirates at the Al Habtoor Group headquarters on July 4, 2016. It marked the first meeting between the Al Habtoor Group Chairman and Dr Al …

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All safe after Emirates plane crash lands in Dubai – 282 passengers from India

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Aug 3, (AP): An Emirates flight from India with 300 people on board crash landed at Dubai’s main airport Wednesday, sending black smoke billowing into the air and halting all flights at the Middle East’s busiest airport. A firefighter died while responding to the blaze, but …

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Israel okays jailing ‘terrorists’ from age 12

JERUSALEM, Aug 3, (AFP): Israeli lawmakers approved jailing children as young as 12 convicted of “terrorist offences” in the wake of repeated attacks by young Palestinians, the parliament said on Wednesday. “The ‘Youth Bill,’ which will allow the authorities to imprison a minor convicted of serious crimes such as murder, …

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Despite controversy, supporters back Trump style – Impulsive, belligerent

ASHBURN, United States, Aug 3, (AFP): He is uncouth, impulsive and belligerent. But Donald Trump is changing for no one during the US presidential race, and despite his controversial ways, supporters say they respect the billionaire candidate’s style. Trump’s unvarnished delivery has become a hallmark of his extraordinary White House …

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