Thursday , October 18 2018


Pike gives peak performance in ‘War’

Film captures extraordinary life of Colvin From Vietnam to the Iraq War, Hollywood has struggled to find the appropriate way to depict ongoing wars, typically taking years, if not decades, to put the proper perspective on modern political quagmires. In the case of such conflicts as the Arab Spring and …

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Al Bader Shipping conducts a powerful toastmasters session.

Al Bader shipping conducted its toastmasters meeting on 26th Sept 2018, for its employees with a goal to increase communication and leadership qualities. Toastmaster of the day, was conducted by TM Shijo Shaji, while TM Srinivas was the general evaluator. TM Mariam took up a dynamic table topics session for …

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New York Film Fest opens ‘Favourite’

Egypt fest doubles prizes for winning filmmakers NEW YORK, Sept 29, (Agencies): For a festival that prides itself on remaining outside of the fray, the 56th New York Film Festival kicked off with a royal feast of savagery and scheming. Yorgos Lanthimos’ vicious 18th century tragicomedy “The Favourite”, starring Emma …

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Kuwaiti actor Amin filming new drama – ‘Hekayat Sagheerah’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 27: Kuwaiti actor Khalid Amin is currently busy with the filming of his new drama “Hekayat Sagheerah” (Little Tales), reports Al-Anba daily. Speaking to the daily, he disclosed many actors are part of the drama such as Jamal Al-Radhan, Abeer Ahmad and Zahra Al- Kharji among others. …

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Dancing queen: ABBA-period Cher has new army of fans

Singer shows no signs of retiring anytime soon LOS ANGELES, Sept 26, (AFP): Cher has a stately air as she receives a steady line of journalists in a West Hollywood hotel room with the studied equanimity of Catherine the Great addressing her subjects at the Winter Palace. If Madonna is …

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Indian film tackles love in the time of climate change

BHUBANESWAR, India, Sept 25, (RTRS): Eschewing the typical Bollywood storyline of young lovers facing family opposition, an upcoming Indian film instead features a couple battling climate change in order to be together. “Kokoli”, which is the name of the female protagonist and also a type of fish, tells a story …

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‘Good Girls’ full of charm, humor

For the most part, successful teen comedies follow a tried and true formula. Memorable high school movies typically feature characters who feel like outsiders floundering hilariously en route to the revelation that simply by being themselves, they’ll find what’s eluded them for so long. John Hughes knew it well, as …

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‘Gorbachev’ consistently engaging

Jordan to play Clark in new film series Herzog meets Gorbachev, or should that be the other way round, in an encounter that on paper should be one for the ages: Werner Herzog, the incisive documentarian (here in tandem with frequent co-director Andre Singer), engaged in a meeting of minds …

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Michael Moore takes on Trump via – Flint, Michigan

‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ incendiary film ‘I hope he never does one on me,’ Donald Trump once said of Michael Moore. It was in 1998, on Roseanne Barr’s syndicated talk show. Trump complimented Moore’s “Roger & Me”, a takedown of General Motors and its then-CEO, Roger Smith. “It’s terrific,” he said, then added …

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‘Piano’ reveals Prince talent

Macy Gray infectious on fun ‘Ruby’ Anyone lucky enough to see one of Prince’s solo shows knows that he wasn’t just an unnaturally gifted songwriter, producer, guitarist, bassist, drummer, arranger and performer – he was a hell of a piano player too, with a flair for balletic melodies and curlicue …

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