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Monday , November 19 2018


Rock trio back but not much changed

McCartney turns 76, teases ‘Egypt Station’ NEW YORK, June 19, (Agencies): Nowhere is there a better sign of how far the rock trio The Record Company has come than in the difference between where the group recorded its first and second albums. The trio made its debut in the bassist’s …

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‘Everything’ completes marriage trilogy, tales

Carters happy ending With “Everything Is Love,” the three-season musical miniseries about Beyonce and Jay-Z — a.k.a. the Carters — reaches a happy ending. It’s both a completion — of the marriage trilogy that began with Beyonce’s 2016 album “Lemonade” and her widely discussed accounts of Jay’s infidelity — and …

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Kuwait achieves big leap among Arabian channels

Actor Abdullah suffers knee injury KUWAIT CITY, June 18: Assistant Undersecretary for Television Sector in the Information Ministry Majeed Al-Jazzaf said Kuwait has achieved a big leap among local and Arabian channels in the first week of Ramadan; owing to the directives of Information Minister Mohammad Al-Jabri, follow up by …

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Ultimate man-child comedy in ‘Tag’

Childhood buddies keep in contact with grade-school game  The game began when they were nine years old. Thirty-five years later, it’s still going strong as five lifelong friends dedicate one month each year to playing “tag,” the old grade-school classic most kids leave on the schoolyard. If that sounds like …

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Romantic comedies rise this summer

Once sidelined, adored genre returns LOS ANGELES, June 14, (AP): Summer is always full of action and superhero pics, but this year a once dormant yet utterly adored genre is coming back in a big way: the romantic comedy. After a 2017 without any from a major studio, this summer …

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‘Call the Comet’ rich and deep

Marr scales new heights Johnny Marr, “Call the Comet” (New Voodoo Records) The two leading forces behind The Smiths have offered new music lately, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. This fall, we found Morrissey spending the day in bed in “Low in High School,” hiding in his …

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Saudi to screen ‘The Message’ four decades after ban

Hungarian filmmaker tells domestic slave’s story DUBAI, June 13, (Agencies): “The Message”, Syrian-American director Moustafa Akkad’s epic film about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), will be screened for the first time in Saudi cinemas on Thursday — four decades after an initial ban. “Knowing that there were so many difficulties… , now …

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‘Superfly’ sleek Blaxploitation remake

Director X’s “Superfly” transplants the 1972 Blaxploitation classic from Harlem streets to suburban Atlanta mansions, flips Curtis Mayfield’s soul score for Future’s hip-hop soundtrack and forsakes the original’s politically charged grit for shallow music-video indulgence. “He’s got a plan to stick it to the man,” went the ads for Gordon …

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Buck, Arthur in spontaneous alliance

Shinoda explores personal loss Mike Shinoda, “Post Traumatic” (Warner Bros.) “Post Traumatic” is the first album Mike Shinoda has released under his own name and it’s pretty obvious that this wasn’t the way he wanted to do it. It is a raw and painful tour through sorrow, created in the …

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Family fun in sprightly ‘Incredibles 2’

Bird’s sequel set to break more records for Disney  ‘The Incredibles’ writer/director Brad Bird has said that his characters’ powers are all born of stereotypes. Dad is strong, mom is stretched in a million directions, teenage girls put up shields, little boys are full of boundless energy and babies are …

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