Wednesday , September 19 2018


TV goes royal crazy in ‘Wedding’

Queen’s passion for trees in ‘Green’ CANNES, France, April 10, (AFP): A new documentary about Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has revealed her previously unknown passion for trees. The 91-year-old monarch has planted hundreds of trees on royal visits all over the planet and has a deep and “touching” relationship with …

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Buckingham, Fleetwood part ways

Underwood to perform at ACM awards LOS ANGELES, April 10, (Agencies): Lindsey Buckingham will have to go his own way. The singer-guitarist is out of Fleetwood Mac. The band said in a statement Monday that Buckingham will not be on their new tour. The announcement came in two terse sentences …

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New drama series being shot in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, April 10: A new drama series titled “Ebrat Al- Share’e” (Street Experience) is being shot at various locations across Kuwait by the legendary actress Suad Abdullah. The drama series will be shown on several TV channels during the month of Ramadan. It is the first collaborative work between …

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Saudi Arabia to debut at Cannes with its 1st national pavilion – After Oscar winner Get, could Quiet tickle Academy’s genre fancy?

LOS ANGELES, April 9, (RTRS): After recently lifting a local ban on movie theaters, Saudi Arabia has officially announced its debut at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival with a curated pavilion, industry panels for networking purposes and a selection of shorts. The Saudi Film Council, the Arab kingdom’s newly established …

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Cranston wins best actor at Olivier Awards – Hamilton takes home 7 prizes

LONDON, April 9, (AP): Historical hip-hop musical “Hamilton” took seven trophies including best new musical at British theater’s Olivier Awards, where women’s rights activists joined stage stars on the red carpet to support the Time’s Up movement. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical about US founding father Alexander Hamilton was nominated in a …

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Novelist Hugo to become TV icon – Modernized ‘Les Miserables’ to pitch at Canneseries

CANNES, France, April 9, (Agencies): He is a human rights hero for his campaigning against the death penalty. Now the great French novelist Victor Hugo is about to become a television icon with a big-budget BBC adaptation of his masterpiece “Les Miserables” and an equally lavish series retelling his hugely …

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‘Felix’ romantic comedy thriller – Dockery receives first Variety Icon Award

LOS ANGELES, April 8, (RTRS): On a plateau high up in Andorra’s Pyrenees, Felix (Leonardo Sbaraglia) gets out of a car. There’s ice on the ground. But that does not explain entirely the way he walks, a near piteous shuffle, arms turned in, the gait of a meek man treating …

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Masigat shows she’s a singular voice – Drake drops new song ‘Nice’

Faustina Masigat, “Faustina Masigat” (Mama Bird) Faustina Masigat leans in on her debut album. The Oregon songwriter’s breathy alto sometimes drops to a near whisper, and she’s so close to the microphone that P’s pop; T’s too. Forte is not her forte. Listeners will lean in, too, for a concise …

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‘A Quiet Place’ a monster thriller – Blunt incredibly talented: Krasinski

LOS ANGELES, April 7, (RTRS): John Krasinki doesn’t normally watch horror movies. So when the time came to direct “A Quiet Place,” a monster thriller set in a world where nobody is allowed to make any noise, he had to cram. “I watched all these incredible modern horror movies like …

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‘Season’ highlights female empowerment – Tear-drenched sports melodrama

‘The Miracle Season’ is a sports film — and by that, I don’t just mean that it’s a drama sprinkled with faith-based fairy dust (though you don’t have to look hard between the lines to see that it is). I mean that it’s a movie of fundamentalist feel-good fervor. Set …

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