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Sunday , November 18 2018


Don’t say ‘Sayonara’ to human actors – ‘Actor’ puts Japanese twist on Western plot

Don’t say “Sayonara” to human actors just yet. A provocative experiment in whether androids could share the stage with people — for which Japanese playwright Oriza Hirata partnered with Osaka U. robotics guru Hiroshi Ishiguro, inventing a two-hander to be performed between a flesh-and-blood thesp and a stunningly lifelike machine …

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‘Dimension’ packs memorable scares – ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise closes with screams

LOS ANGELES, Oct 24, (RTRS): So this is the way a franchise ends. The sixth and allegedly final installment of the massively money-minting found-footage horror series, “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” offers little more than a distant, whimpering echo of a film property that once made such a bang. Distinguished …

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‘Difret’ puts spotlight on Ethiopia child bride abductions – New Jolie film depicts terrifying ordeal of woman

LONDON, Oct 24, (RTRS): An Ethiopian woman whose terrifying ordeal of kidnap and rape at the hands of her would-be husband inspired Angelina Jolie’s new film Difret says she hopes her story will help end the tradition of child bride abductions. Difret, released in the United States on Friday, tells …

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Adele releases first single ‘Hello’ – Mullins at his best on ‘My Stupid Heart’

LONDON, Oct 24, (Agencies): British singer Adele on Friday released a melancholic ballad from her hotly-anticipated new album due out on November 20, breaking a four-year wait for millions of fans after her best-selling “21”. “Hello” is about a love story gone wrong and features the same powerful voice and …

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Lawson holds on to top spot on UK chart

LONDON, Oct 24, (RTRS): British singer Jamie Lawson’s new self-titled album went straight into Number 1 on the British album chart, the Official Charts Company said on Friday, while DJ KDA held off British pop group One Direction to top the singles chart. Lawson’s album “Jamie Lawson” finished with almost …

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Cooper ‘gets’ real in ‘Burnt’ – Cuts & burns

LOS ANGELES, Oct 24, (AP): Bradley Cooper wasn’t a novice to the kitchen when he decided to take on the role of the fictional Michelin star chef Adam Jones in “Burnt”. He grew up in a food loving home near Philadelphia — some of his favorite memories are of his …

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‘Storyteller’ little more personal – First single from new Adele album out

LOS ANGELES, Oct 23, (Agencies): Carrie Underwood, “Storyteller” (Arista Nashville) “Storyteller” is Carrie Underwood’s first album in three years — and her first since becoming a mother. That life-changing event rises most overtly on the touching “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted,” a beautiful song that delves into the …

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‘India’s Daughter’ makes for grim, sadly necessary viewing – Dramatic reconstruction of events veers from sensitive toward sensationalist

The 2012 gang rape and murder of Jyoti Singh, a 23-year-old medical student in Delhi, India, sparked a nationwide outcry against an entire culture’s systemic abuse and dehumanization of women. Delving into the horrific particulars of that case, Leslee Udwin’s hour-long activist documentary “India’s Daughter” makes for grim, infuriating and …

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Russell saddles up for ‘Bone’, ‘Hateful’ – McConaughey’s ‘Free State’ set against ‘Snowdown’, ‘Friday’

SANTA MONICA, California, Oct 23, (Agencies): Kurt Russell’s shoulder is giving him massive pain, but you wouldn’t know it from his easy smile and hearty laugh. It’s a gloomy morning in Santa Monica, and the child star turned cult classic hero/heartthrob is working through the new ache of a very …

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‘5 Seconds’ going global – ‘Sounds’ deeper

LONDON, Oct 23, (AFP): Pop fluff or bona fide rockers? Australian pop-punk sensation 5 Seconds of Summer have gone from YouTube fame to a world tour, with a follow-up to their hit debut album out Friday. The four young men from Sydney, who reject any comparison to the British boy …

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