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Wednesday , November 14 2018


Ex-N.W.A manager sues over ‘Compton’

LOS ANGELES, Oct 31, (AFP): The former manager of the pioneering rap group N.W.A has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit over the movie “Straight Outta Compton”, claiming the summer hit portrays him as a “sleazy, dishonest thief”. Jerry Heller is seeking $110 million dollars in damages in the lawsuit filed …

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Bullock entertains as ruthless campaign operative – ‘Our Brand is Crisis’ has absolutely perfect timing

They say timing is everything — or at least a whole lot. And on several fronts, the George Clooney-produced “Our Brand is Crisis,” starring Sandra Bullock as a damaged, ruthless political consultant, has absolutely perfect timing. First, it’s election season: Enough said! And second, with all the recent discussion about …

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‘Hard Stop’ forthright but dignified – British docu grapples with cultural context of 2011 riots

LOS ANGELES, Oct 30, (RTRS): Forthright but dignified, British doc “The Hard Stop” grapples sincerely with the cultural context of a wave of riots that broke out across England in the summer of 2011, in the wake of the fatal police shooting of London resident Mark Duggan. In the interests …

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Cooper from sniper to chef – ‘Burnt’ in quest

LOS ANGELES, Oct 30, (Agencies): In the past five years, Bradley Cooper has played handsome leading men, a perm-coiffed 1970s cop, a sniper and a rogue raccoon. But playing a chef on a quest for a Michelin star in “Burnt” really turned the heat up on the actor. “I had …

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Autumn of tumult at box office – Releases try to hook moviegoers with 3-D

NEW YORK, Oct 30, (AP): Hollywood came into its fall season buoyed by a near-record summer, the comfort of having three aces up its sleeve (James Bond, “Star Wars” and the final “Hunger Games” film), plus a string of studio spectacles geared more for adults than teenagers. The results, though, …

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Netflix poised to expand into ME

LOS ANGELES, Oct 30, (RTRS): Netflix is moving into the Middle East, an area with a population estimated at 370 million and a young, highly wired demographic. The subscription VOD company has posted job ads for marketing and social media manager positions in the Middle East and Joris Evers, vice-president …

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Bond greatest intelligence asset – Fictional spy helped boost real-life counterparts’ reputations

In the 62 years since James Bond first appeared in print, there’s no doubt he has helped boost the reputations of his real-life counterparts in British intelligence. Now, Daniel Craig — the truest to author Ian Fleming’s original vision since Sean Connery, if not ever — is back on screen …

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‘May 9’ weaves together 3 tales of woe from Tehran – Excellent acting from Niki Karimi lifts film above mere melodrama

LOS ANGELES, Oct 28, (RTRS): Three O. Henry-esque stories from contempo Tehran are woven together with mixed results in “Wednesday, May 9,” the debut feature of multihyphenate Vahid Jalilvand. Excellent acting from top star Niki Karimi in a decidedly unglamorous part in the first episode, and from sweet-faced newcomer Sahar …

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‘Spectre’ money spinner for firms – Longevity key

In the corridors of power in Whitehall, such worries — particularly over the importance of Britain to the United States — are on the rise again. The end of the Afghan war, declining UK defense budgets and the 2013 vote to avoid entanglement in Syria — as well as an …

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5SOS deliver true power-pop – Black Sabbath prolong ‘The End’

Five Seconds of Summer, “Sounds Good Feels Good” (Capitol) The hair gel divided by raw energy that is Australian power-pop rockers 5 Seconds of Summer are out with their second studio album, “Sounds Good Feels Good.” The album sounds OK and feels exactly like what you’d expect from a band …

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