Monday , October 15 2018


Yonebayashi paints solitary spirit – ‘When Marnie Was There’ tear-jerker

TOKYO, Feb 10, (Agencies): The coming-of-age story is familiar: A shy girl has problems fitting in and concocts an imaginary friend. The originality of the Oscar-nominated “When Marnie Was There” comes from how its hand-drawn images express the girl’s inner torment. Luscious hand-drawn animation is the trademark of Japan’s renowned …

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Actor Watanabe ‘fights’ stomach cancer – Leukemia survivor

TOKYO, Feb 10, (RTRS): Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, an Academy Award nominee for his performance in the movie “The Last Samurai” and lauded in the recent Broadway revival of “The King and I,” is fighting stomach cancer and will have to postpone plans to return to Broadway. The lean, ruggedly …

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Swift, Lamar opposite sides of spectrum – Grammys strive for an accurate snapshot of year in music

LOS ANGELES, Feb 10, (RTRS): The Grammys are never going to get it right. How could they? The vagaries of taste are too nebulous, the sheer amount of music being released is far too vast. One thing that the Grammys can be, however — and one that organizers at the …

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Irreverent ‘Deadpool’ suffers from juvenile humor – Reynolds wears character well

‘Deadpool’ hates its audience, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Nothing is sacred to either this film or this character (played with “I’m so naughty” abandon by Ryan Reynolds), which pokes fun at superhero movie culture, Hollywood itself, Reynolds, director Tim Miller, love and human decency — and that’s …

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Academy luncheon time for reflection – Oscar telecast will be ‘most diverse ever’

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif, Feb 9, (Agencies): The annual Oscar nominees luncheon is generally a time of low-stakes celebration, but this year amid discussions of Oscar diversity and a boycott, as well as dramatic changes to academy membership, the Monday gathering was also one for reflection. Those at the luncheon did …

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Beyonce’s show draws mixed reaction – Singer takes US by storm with new activist role

A day after the Super Bowl, people are still parsing over each frame from Beyonce’s halftime performance, trying to glean the messages, both subtle and overt, that made for a stunning display of unapologetic blackness and political activism during one of the most-watched events of the year. The halftime show — …

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Wall St villains get screen test – ‘Big moment on TV, big screen’

NEW YORK, Feb 9, (RTRS): Wall Street villains are having their big moment on both television and the big screen. With the 2008-2009 financial crisis and the accompanying Great Recession not only fresh in many people’s minds but still having an impact on many lives, stories about greed on Wall Street …

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Bey, Mars up heat at Super Bowl – NFL 50 halftime show goes retro

LOS ANGELES, Feb 8, (Agencies): Perhaps it was inevitable, in an era of “Full House” reboots, nostalgia for the early Obama Era, and highly publicized reunions of bands not five years disbanded, that we would get a Super Bowl Halftime Show Tribute to Recent Super Bowl Halftime Shows. That’s certainly …

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Director hopes ‘Girl’ will help end Pak honour killings – Oscar-nominated film tackles ‘evil’ practice

KARACHI/ISLAMABAD, Feb 8, (RTRS): An Oscar-winning filmmaker hopes her latest Academy Award-nominated documentary will help bring tougher laws against honour killings in Pakistan, which account for the deaths of hundreds of women and men each year. The film, which follows the story of a young woman who survived attempted murder …

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Coldplay’s latest video criticized – ‘Hymn’ triggers debate in India over its portrayal

NEW DELHI, Feb 8, (AP): British rock band Coldplay’s latest music video has triggered a debate in India over its portrayal of the country with critics accusing its producers of showing stereotypical images of India with Hindu holy men, peacocks and colorful festivals. Coldplay featured Beyonce in their Super Bowl …

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