Monday , October 22 2018


Palestinian hip-hop drama ‘Junction 48’ a classic example – ‘Dean’, ‘Do Not Resist’ top Tribeca

NEW YORK, April 22, (Agencies): Demetri Martin’s feature film debut “Dean”, the police militarization documentary “Do Not Resist” and the Palestinian hip-hop drama “Junction 48” took top honors at the 15th Tribeca Film Festival. The Awards were handed out Thursday at a ceremony in New York. Martin’s autobiographical “Dean,” about …

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Prince … ‘The Kid’ who transformed pop music – Hugely inventive, influential

NEW YORK, April 22, (Agencies): Prince, who died suddenly Thursday at 57, transformed the music landscape with his infectious funk before becoming a reclusive rebel who brazenly challenged industry conventions. The so-called Kid from Minneapolis created 1984’s “Purple Rain,” which regularly tops lists of the greatest albums of all time, …

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Flick imagines what happened when Elvis met Nixon – Keaton builds McDonald’s empire in ‘Founder’ 1st trailer

LOS ANGELES, April 22, (Agencies): At around 6:30 am on December 21, 1970, Elvis Presley delivered a hand-written note to a guard at the northwest gate of the White House requesting a meeting with president Richard Nixon. In the note scribbled on American Airlines stationary, Presley expressed concern for the …

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Celebrities ‘mourn’ the death of Prince – True visionary: Madonna

NEW YORK, April 22, (Agencies): Madonna mourned fellow 1980s pop icon Prince as a “true visionary” after his sudden death at age 57 on Thursday. “He changed the world!! A true visionary. What a loss. I’m devastated,” Madonna wrote on Instagram, where she posted a picture of herself with the Purple …

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‘Elvis & Nixon’ recalls a bizarre moment in history – No transcript exists, just a memo

This we know: On Dec 21, 1970, Elvis Presley showed up bright and early at the White House gates, delivering a barely legible note he’d scrawled on American Airlines stationery to President Richard Nixon. He said he’d love to come by and meet the president, and that he was also …

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‘Nina’s’ issues much more than skin-deep – Museum gets only known film of Armstrong in studio

The questionable casting of Zoe Saldana is only one of the many problems with Cynthia Mort’s limp and misjudged Nina Simone biopic “Nina”. Little of the High Priestess of Soul’s searing clarity of voice or profound struggle comes through in this insipid film whose fakeness is writ across Saldana’s dubiously …

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‘Mohican’ endearingly loud dramedy – ‘Mad Tiger’ colourful docu

LOS ANGELES, April 21, (RTRS): A Leningrad Cowboy lookalike returns to the boondocks to cheer up his dying dad in “The Mohican Comes Home”, an endearingly loud dramedy which reminds one that not all Japanese family dramas are gentle and restrained. Helmer-scribe Shuichi Okita (“The Story of Yonosuke”) gives viewers …

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Autistic man turns into star – ‘Life Animated’

NEW YORK, April 21, (AP): Owen Suskind had largely retreated into silence in the years after his autism began to manifest, around age 3. Three painfully mute years later, and after countless rapt hours spent watching Disney animated movies, a word broke through. “Juicervose”! His parents, Ron (a Pulitzer Prize …

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Pop icon Prince found dead at 57

CHANHASSEN, Minn., April 21, (AP): Pop superstar Prince, widely acclaimed as one of the most inventive and influential musicians of his era with hits including “Little Red Corvette,” ‘’Let’s Go Crazy” and “When Doves Cry,” was found dead at his home on Thursday in suburban Minneapolis, according to his publicist. …

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Hanks persona-tweaking role in ‘King’ – Actor helps dedicate Tom Hanks motion pictures center

LOS ANGELES, April 20, (RTRS): In “A Hologram for the King,” Dave Eggers’ seriocomic lament for the American Dream, a sad-sack businessman loses himself amid the shimmering sands and empty skyscrapers of a Saudi Arabian metropolis-in-the-making — an appropriately surreal, mirage-like backdrop for a journey where failure and frustration are …

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