Cars with no plates

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 25: After enforcing the law of General Traffic Department stipulating the withdrawal of number plates from any vehicle found parked at a noparking zone or obstructing traffic, there has been an increase in vehicles without their number plates that basically represent the identity of the owners.

The phenomenon poses direct security predicament given that those driving vehicles without number plates might end up running away without a trace during road accidents or robbery or even criminal cases similar to the incident that took place in Sulaibiya area when unknown individual driving a vehicle without the number plate committed murder and escaped.

The scene of vehicles without the number plates is also on the highway where motorists tend to violate the speed limit, in addition to reckless drivers who close the streets in order to perform stunts with their vehicles. It is yet to be established whether they remove the number plates of their cars or traffic men confiscated them

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