Can’t transfer to the Private sector from Government project

In February 2010, I entered Kuwait on a farm visa. I completed 1 year on that visa. Later I got a job in a construction company which took a government project and I worked on it for 3.5 years. My work permit was transferred to that government project. My designation was draughtsman.

After completing that government project, the company terminated me. Then I joined another construction company which also was having a government project with the same kind of work. My work permit was transferred to that project. I completed 1 year and 8 months on that project (which had a year to finish) but then I got an opportunity to work with a private company.

I joined them and have worked 1 month with them but now they are saying my work permit is not transferable to a private company because my work permit is of a government project. Kindly guide me.

Name withheld
Answer: The company is absolutely right and you can’t transfer to the private sector, only to another government project of the same sponsor, or another government project of a different sponsor if the current project has been completed or to the general file of the current sponsor.

We would like to add that there is a KD 300 fee for transfer from one government project, on its completion, to another government project which has a different sponsor.

If you want to transfer to another government project of the same sponsor the fee will be KD 200. Now, here is another possibility.

You can pay KD 350 to transfer your work permit, if you are on a government project, to the main file of the same sponsor.

This would mean that you could land, if the sponsor wanted in a private sector firm in this way. Having said all the above, we would again like to stress that you can’t transfer directly to any private sector firm.

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