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Cancelling current work visa and coming back on new work visa

Need your urgent help. I have resigned from my company because I got a new job. My new company will give me new work visa once I leave Kuwait. My question is that my iqama and Civil ID is valid upto Sept 9, 2018, and I am leaving the country by Sept 5, 2018. My current company said that you do not need to cancel your visa, it will automatically expire on Sept 9, 2018.

Do I have to cancel the visa or will it automatically be cancelled based on the last date of iqama? And when the new company is able to apply for my new work visa? Is there any time period or on the next day after the expiry of my iqama?

Name withheld

Answer: Forget about what you are being told by your current company and make sure that the company cancels your work and residence permits before you exit Kuwait. If this is not done, we assure you that the new company for you will not be able to process your papers for you to return to Kuwait as you intend to do. As regard the duration within which the new company can apply for a new work visa, there is no time frame as much as you go through the necessary procedures of visa cancellation before exiting Kuwait.

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