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Cancellation of visa and exiting Kuwait

Need your urgent help on Visa cancellation process. I have got job in Dubai and want to leave Kuwait. Can you please help me with following queries:

1. How long extension do they give after visa cancellation.

2. After cancellation, can I exit the country and leave my family here for sometime till the Visa No. 14 is valid?.

Name withheld

Answer: After going through the procedures and cancelling your residence permit, you are given one month temporary visa 14 to wind up their activities and leave the country. When you cancel your residence you have to make sure that the residencies of your family members who are under your sponsorship are also cancelled.

When this is done they will equally be given one month temporary visas to wind up and leave the country. Under this scenario you can exit the country and leave your family behind for the duration of their visa 14 validity.


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