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Sunday , December 15 2019

‘Cancel decision for fishermen to carry passports while fishing in int’l waters’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 31: President of Kuwait Fishermen Association Dhaher Al- Suyan has called on the Borders Department in the Ministry of Interior to cancel the decision requiring fishermen to carry their passports whenever they go beyond the territorial waters to fish in international waters, indicating the fishermen should carry only their civil IDs and the entry and departure documents, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

On the other hand, Al-Suyan affirmed the shrimp fishing season in territorial waters will start by the beginning of September, urging fishermen to abide by the regulations of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR). He revealed the quantity of shrimps fished since the start of the season for fishing shrimps from international waters on Aug 1, 2017 reached 516 tons which covered the market’s demand. He added the poor condition of the air conditioning system in the fish market has prompted fish vendors to use more ice for the fish; thereby, increasing the cost they incur. He appealed to the administration of the fish market to replace the old air conditioning units that have been used for almost 21 years.

He also asked the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to regulate the price of ice, because only one or two companies are allowed to sell ice to fishermen in a bid to control the price but these companies are taking advantage of the urgent need of fishermen for ice by monopolizing the market. He said the ministry must allow other companies to sell ice or to allow the association to establish a company that will produce ice for the fishermen. Meanwhile, Al-Suyan congratulated newly appointed Deputy Director General of the Fish Resources Department Eng Ali Al- Farssi for supporting the fishermen, particularly in terms of looking into their demands.

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