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CAN provides tips to avoid meat becoming carcinogenic during process of barbecuing

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MoH plans new strategy to fight obesity

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 18: Head of Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN) Dr Khalid Al-Saleh stressed the importance of raising awareness about the wrong steps taken while barbecuing, especially since it is prevalent to prepare food by barbecuing during the camping season, reports Al-Anba daily.

He asserted the need to follow safe and secure measures when barbecuing food in order to avoid diseases. Dr Al-Saleh explained that the meat should not be exposed to direct flame, smoke and high temperatures, as this may turn the meat carcinogenic.

Therefore, it is necessary to leave a space of 15cm between the flame and the food. Also, the food being barbecued should not be turned over often. All the burnt parts must be removed before eating. Avoid choosing meat with lots of fat.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is planning to launch a new strategy for combating obesity in Kuwait during the period from 2020 to 2025 due to the huge negative impacts of obesity on public health, reports Aljarida daily quoting reliable sources.

They explained that the ministry intends to open obesity clinics soon, after developing standard policies and protocols for these clinics.

The ministry will spread awareness about the need to fight obesity in the coming few months based on an independent plan for fighting this disease in men, women and children in Kuwait.

Obesity is the main direct and indirect cause for many diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and hypertension. The new strategy will be based on a number of aspects including making the need to fight obesity one of the main priorities in the developmental plans, preparing programs and researches for dealing with obesity in the society, and creating campaigns to encourage physical exercises and healthy lifestyle

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