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Monday , January 27 2020

Can my family come back on old visa?

I would like to enquire few details about the validity of my family visa. My family has been with me in Kuwait since last 1 year and they went to India on leave in April 2018 after the renewal of their visa which is valid up to May 2019.

Thereafter, I got offer from another company and I had to cancel my visa and I went to India in April 2018 and I came back to Kuwait after one month in May 2018 on new visa. I would like to know if my family can join me on the same visa as my civil number reflected is same as old. So my family’s sponsor details are the same.

I have enquired with many people and they told me that it’s possible to bring family on the same visa as the visa was not cancelled and 6 months not completed after making the exit from Kuwait. Would you please give your expert advice on the same and also let me know where I can check, if the visa is valid or not, and whether they can travel to Kuwait or not.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately the dependent visa you acquired for your family was based on the residence you cancelled before acquiring another one with a different company. The visa of your family, therefore, stood cancelled when you cancelled your old residence. Your family, therefore, can not return to Kuwait on the old visa. If you want the family back in Kuwait you have to reapply for fresh dependent visa to make that possible.

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