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Can I bring my 2 yr old child from India to Kuwait?

I am working in the private sector with a salary of KD 300 and my wife is also working with Visa No. 18 with salary KD 300. My 2-yrold child is in India now. Can I bring my child to Kuwait.

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, you can bring your child to Kuwait but only on a visit which will last not more than three months. On the other hand, if you are thinking of bringing your child on a family visa, then forget it, because your salary of KD 300 per month is below the minimum KD 450 required to sponsor a family members(s) on dependent visa. Your wife’s salary of KD 300 is irrelevant because you cannot club your salary and your wife’s to attain the magic fi gure of KD 450 monthly salary.


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