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Friday , January 24 2020

Campaign against encroachments by cafes on State property in Hawalli will continue

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 26: Director of Hawalli Municipality Branch, Eng Ahmad Al-Hazeem has said the Municipality is determined to apply the law on all without discrimination saying no one will be permitted to encroach on government property, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Hazeem went on to say most of the violators are owners of popular cafés. While some owners have shown respect and abided by the law and done what was needed, others have taken it for granted that the law is written on just a piece of paper and disregarded. In turn, the head of Hawalli emergency team Ahmad Ramadan told Al-Rai that the Municipality is working seriously to remove the violations on state property in the Hawalli governorate, especially the popular cafés, as per the direct instructions given by the Kuwait Municipality Director Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, Deputy Director Fahad Al-Shutaili, and branch manager Ahmad Al-Hazeem.

He revealed four other stages will be added to the 18 stages of the campaign to remove encroachments on State property, and the sheds put up by the side of the streets and squares opposite the popular cafés. He pointed out that the Hawalli branch is currently working on the implementation of phase 11 of the plan, and the remaining seven stages only, noting that some cafés believe that the Municipality will not return again to re-check on and that it will rest after the first campaign.

“This is not true at all,” he said. Ramadan renewed his warning to the owners of those cafés, but some cafés did not comply “So the team will not issue any more warnings, but will dismantle what is built on government land immediately.” He added, “Sheds, umbrellas are forbidden, especially those made of plastic and inflammable fabric, because of the danger to the cafeteria.”

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