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Wednesday , January 29 2020

Campaign against bachelors in family areas continues

KUWAIT CITY, July 21: The Kuwait Municipality continues its campaign to deal with bachelors living in family residential areas. So far, the inspectors distributed 428 stickers across the six governorates, issued 102 citations and received 70 complaints.

The inspection teams received 40 complaints in Jahra Governorate alone and landlords responded well in 53 houses where bachelors were evicted. The teams coordinated with the Ministry of Electricity and Water to disconnect power from 70 buildings, while investigations conducted by the Ministry of Interior confirmed presence of bachelors in 15 other buildings. Municipal Council Chairman Osama Al-Otaibi expressed satisfaction over the concerted efforts of Municipality officials to ensure that bachelors are evicted from family residences.

He said this campaign should not be limited to a particular time or location, as it will be a continuous operation to implement the law on violators. Commenting on the issue, Municipal Council member Abdul-Salam Al-Randi commended the Municipality for doing a good job and affirmed his full support for every step taken to solve the problem.

He said the phenomenon of bachelors living with families has become rampant and it should be confronted legally until it is completely eliminated. He added, “If are really keen on increasing the productivity rate of workers, we must provide suitable environment with all their needs. We must make available high quality and comfortable housing cities that meet the United Nations standards for the workers, because movement of bachelors and workers to family residential areas shows that the laborers housing cities do not cater to their needs.”

By Abdul-Nasser Al-Aslami Al-Seyassah Staff

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