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Came on Visit Visa and New Passport issued in Kuwait

I have a question regarding visit visa and new passport. My son came to Kuwait in August on a family visit visa, which is valid for 3 months, but now he is getting a job in a company, which will provide him a work visa.

His passport is valid until July 2018, which is less than 2 years required by a new law to issue a work visa. So I have applied for a new passport at the Indian Embassy.

They have accepted the request and next week they will issue him a new passport as his old passport was issued from Kuwait.

The main question is that after getting a new passport do I have to do any paperwork or any registration in the Immigration Department in Kuwait to inform them that he has new passport. Or he can go back to India by just showing his old and new passports at Kuwait Airport.

Name withheld

Answer: According to the law, if you get a new passport overseas and come to Kuwait you are supposed to transfer your residence to the new passport within one month.

On the other hand, if you are already in Kuwait and renew your passport here then you are given two months to transfer your residence to the new passport. But the law doesn’t discuss the validity of the passports or renewal of passports to visit visas.

It does, however, say that any change in document status should be communicated to the Immigration Department. So, although we are of the opinion that if you fly out of the country within two months there won’t be any problems but it is always good to be on the safe side … so, inform the Immigration Department that you have a new passport

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