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Tuesday , August 16 2022

Came late from vacation company telling to resign

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I came late from my annual leave which was 30 days, and I came back after 35 days, 5 days late. My manager didn’t allow me to work for 2 more days and now he is saying I was late for a total of 7 days and he will deduct 14 days of my salary and he is forcing me to sign a resignation paper; please advise me what to do.

Name withheld
Answer: While the company may be right in deducting some days from your salary for reporting late, we are of the view that they are wrong in asking you to give them a resignation letter since you were only late for five days and not the seven days as they seek to portray by using a backdoor method. They can go ahead to fire you if they so wish but they can’t force you to reign and if they insist on that we suggest you file a case against them at the Public Authority for Manpower.

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